Soft and Hairy Filipina girl named Kikai Fucked

Oh wee! She’s a pretty one! After initially going out for dinner and running into this joyful Filipina girl (which was an amazing stroke of luck) she agreed to come hang out back at my hotel room for some photos. It actually surprised me at how willing Kikai was to allow me ample reach under her shirt, in her pants and all over her petite perfumed body once she got completely naked.

Check out a little clip I put together from various video footage taken during my hot time with Kikai. If all the Filipina girls are going to be like her I am quite sure I will love this place more than I already do! Incidentally, sh is my first in the Philippines. Good way to start my vacation isn’t it?

I think my favorite thing about cute Kikai was her soft and hairy Filipina girl pussy. She keeps it well trimmed and proper. Smells like strawberries 🙂 Mm. Delicious too! Maybe it was all that pent-up sexual energy trapped inside me for such a long time but I fucked her too hard. Well, maybe not ‘too’ hard. After-all, she did love it so much that she was screaming, swearing and cuming all over me!

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