Marjorie let me Fuck her after taking photos

Good news! My date with Marjorie after our chat was excellent! She came over to my hotel room after we had a short date and I took some photos of her. Her nice body got me very excited. I think she liked the attention I was giving her because it didn’t take long before we made “boom-boom” right there on my bed! I love this country so much!

Check out this little video clip that I constructed from our encounter. A Filipina girl like Marjorie would surely convince any man that taking a vacation in the Philippines is worth every penny spent! I needed this vacation to change my pace of boredom. Now I am definitely not bored anymore! Now I know why people come and never leave.

I also took some photos from my memory card for you to see. Isn’t she delicious? Mmm. Her nice round butt and pussy felt so tight and wet as she let me fuck her doggiestyle. I was mostly interested in her petite physical size but once she bent over and I realized that this girl is probably 33% ass I knew what I had to do! haha.

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