Double Fuck: Random encounter at airport

Hey friends! I got two pieces of good news! First, I spent this morning chatting with Anabel again and much to my surprise, she said she would like to meet me again! Maybe I was wrong, maybe she does like me afterall? I will keep you updated.

Secondly.. This afternoon I decided to visit Clark to take in some touristy, which some of you may know is a former US Air Force base. So they have a pretty cool airport with duty-free shopping. Which is why I figured I’d check it out.

I got something but it’s not something I can wrap in a bag and take home as a souvenir. I met a very cute and totally crazy Filipina girl with a nice smile named Shiela. Don’t ask me how we ended up having sex outside and in an abandoned ruin of a building but it was a thrill I will never forget! We came back to my hotel room to hang out some more and ended up going at each other again for a second fuck!

Here is a clip of some fun times I had with this girl. I bet you’d do the same in my position. Beautiful Filipina girls everywhere, the smell in the air and the willingness to have sex. Mm. I stood no chance and would never say ‘no’ to that!

If I didn’t post videos, nobody would believe my luck! So to all my friends back home.. see?? I told you this place was great!

This girl is so horny! Is it true when they say that some Filipina girls revere white men as a sexual prize? I’m starting to think people may be on to something here. Honestly, I see these girls as being a prize but the way she treated me.. well.. maybe I actually am her prize that she runs to all her friends to brag about. haha. All I can say is wow.. the third Filipina girl fucked and I already can’t wait to meet more!

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