What a first week this has been!

I have visited a lot of cool places and met many interesting Filipina girls so far. I can’t believe some of the luck I have had already since I started my vacation in the Philippines. I want to remind all my readers that I do have a lot more clips, pictures and info about new Filipina girls that I have been chatting with and meeting to go sight seeing and sometimes sex with at my official site, Filipina Sex Diary.

I am excited that tomorrow I am renting a motor bike to go exploring areas around me. I will Probably visit the bars Saturday to see what new Filipina girls I can meet and hang out with some new friends I hope. There’s so much to do around here. I can’t wait to see what week #2 has for me. I made a video collage of different cool things I have encountered so far. I hope you all like this Philippines vacation video.

To all my friends, my official site will have all the passwords and everything ready for you to log in and view everything tomorrow. You can then see all the pictures I take and all the very nice Filipina girls I have from all the camcorder footage. I even invite those who don’t know me to join my site for access. You can also then see everything and it’s only pennies a day.

Thank you for all your support friends. I wish you could all be here with me!

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