Anabel made a surprise visit and I finally fucked her!

While minding my own affairs today I just had a surprise visit from Anabel that not only changed my mood for the day but I think I now have a steady girlfriend? She acted a little crazy. I mean, last Saturday she seemed quite distant and uninterested. Then called later on to setup a Valentines day date. I sometimes chuckle that maybe the girl is on drugs but then again, sometimes shyness can make a girl seem a bit off until they get real comfortable.

So shortly after showing up by surprise she seemed to act as if she’s known me for years. maybe it’s from being behind closed doors, no onlookers and she had very little chance of embarrassment in public. I don’t know but I took full advantage of the situation and gave her a real good fuck! She wouldn’t let me film any of it but I managed to do it anyways by kind of hiding the camcorder.

Secret footage of my fuck with my new Filipina girlfriend Anabel

Doesn’t she have the most lovely little Filipina ass?? After we were finished that’s when she told me she wants to be my girlfriend. I think she’s a bit off her rocker but I’ll see where it goes with her being my Filipina girlfriend anyways 🙂

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