Made Boom-Boom with Nica today!

I am so happy that I met that nice Filipina girl named Nica yesterday because today I got my wish! We did some boom-baoom back at my hotel room after taking some dirty photographs of her to break the ice! These girls here are very receptive to my advances. It’s almost unfair to all my friends back home at how easy this is so far! Check out a little photo gallery I put together to celebrate the special occasion. Click the mouth-watering view of her shaved Filipina pussy trapped in cute pink panties below to see the gallery.

Mouth watering view of filipina pussy hidden in pink panties

Gift-wrapped Filipina pussy, I dove in face first! What a view! Click the image for the gallery.

I had a feeling this Filipina girl would have a very nice soft and small body but I didn’t expect her to be so warm to touch. It felt like she was on fire as she got hornier. It felt good when she gave me a blowjob that so many Filipina girls around here seem to be so good at. Once she let me fuck her from behind in doggiestyle position, I couldn’t help but keep exploring and watching her ass until I could not hold back any longer. She loved a good hard stiff fuck and I was more than happy enough to give it to her 🙂

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