My second week in the Philippines

I took today off to stay inside, relax and make some highlights from this past week. I have to say, it’s been en even more eventful week than the first, which was quite wild too! The bargirls here are absolutely amazing! They’re beautiful, easy to keep happy and cheap as heck. Just one trip t the bars every week can;t be that bad for my health but I believe that it’s healthy for my manhood to hunt for these every day simple Filipina girls, turning my charm on and taking them home to my hotel room and fill their tight Filipina pussies with my hot man-load! Check out my highlights below.

Here’s a run-down of events pertaining to my Filipina girls. Ethel turned out to be quite the sweetheart, did my first anal date, is quite shy yet still very passionate in her personality once she became more comfortable with me. I definitely want to meet up with her again. Providing I have time between all the sight-seeing and other girls to explore!

Nica had an uncanny ability to make me horny at first sight. Her petite body and arrogant ways about her was a huge turn on for me. She’s openly lesbian but still knows how to give a really good time with a man as well. maybe it’s my white cock that gave her the gumption to strive for a man! I’ll hopefully be seeing this one again sometime soon, so long as her girl didn’t find out that her pussy is so sore and red now from Nica’s boom-boom with me and not just a furious masturbation fit alone!

The best part of the week for me was Anabel’s surprise visit. I’m still not sure what brought her to do it but she took the plunge, presented herself to me and let those wildly hormone-induced desires take over and fuck me before she could come to her senses. I think this girl is really starting to like me, a lot. Hopefully I’ll get more than just the secret boom-boom video I got of her next time.

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