Valentines Day date in the Philippines with Anabel

Valentines day date with my Filipina girl anabel

While In the Philippines on Vacation, I go out on a Valentines Day date with Anabel then we went home to take sexy pictures once back at my hotel. She had a really good time tonight

I met up with Anabel to go on a dinner date. I bought her something for Valentine’s Day. Invited her out for a Japanese meal at a nice restaurant and gave her the Valentine’s Day present. It was a small pink teddy bear! She was so very happy with it. I think i was finally able to break the ice with her! I was hoping that she’d let me film us afterwards since she was starting to warm up to me more.

As they just enjoy rice, some chicken or Jollibee, Anabel being a Filipina and eating sushi was a serious experience for her. I was thinking that this can turn into a pretty interesting and funny evening for sure. It has been! Of course she didn’t care much for the sushi. Ah well..

We had many laughs together anyways and I am very happy to be spending Valentine’s Day out with my date in the Philippines! I really love it here. It’s almost magical the way you can have such a good time with any girl that you pay attention to and make a connection to.

Later on in the evening we went back to my hotel room and took some pics but we were way too tired to get onto some boom-boom action so we decided to wait until the morning came around. So after this post I am off to bed with her. I can’t wait to snuggle her and wake up to her petite Filipina body again. I’m sure thing’s will be much more exciting then!

Until then, here are some pictures that I took once we got back. Take care my friend.

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