Boom-Boom this morning with my Filipina girl Anabel

Dear Diary,

After Anabel and I had a great Valentine’s Day date last night, we made some boom-boom and finally, she let me film all of it! She was a great fuck even if My Filipina girl Anabel isn’t all that skilled at boom-boom. I really liked how she warms up and fondles her own wet Filipina pussy to make sure it’s adequately wet before I play with her. She really wanted me to cum inside of her and that succeeded in making me extremely horny to do it for her! I was so happy that I think I will invite her out for another date again soon!

After she went home I headed out to get some brunch and took a well deserved nap for the whole afternoon. My Filipina girl Anabel wore me out I think. haha. I spent more of the evening at the bars on the strips but I was stupid and didn’t think to bring my cam with me. Until next time. Thank you to my friends for following my adventures!

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