Boom-Boom and photo session with my Filipina girl Nhei

Dear Diary,

Remember that cute Filipina girl Nhei with a model looking body from yesterday? She texted me this morning and I invited her here for a little photo/video shoot in the afternoon. She appeared at my hotel room door wearing a sexy little dress with no bra on underneath. I had a very good idea what her plans were and as luck would have it, these were my plans too. After taking a few pics of this skinny Filipina girl we both went right into the action. Her hairy yet soft Filipina pussy was divine to say the least. Such a tight little pocket!

My FIlipina girl Nhei Holding up Panties

My FIlipina girl Nhei holds up her slightly soaked panties. Her trip over here must have been one full of excitement and fantasy! They will definitely be full of something sticky on her way home afterwards! I am always surprised how many Filipinas let me cum inside them.

She is not the most passionate Filipina girl I was hoping for but I love her body and she didn’t mind me cumming inside of her wet Filipina pussy one but. So it’s still a good day for me! I just hope I don’t get any of my Filipina girls pregnant or this could turn out to be very interesting indeed! With all the pussy I have been getting since I arrived here on vacation in the Philippines, I am surprised I didn’t need my VigaPlus yet to keep up with them! These beauties seem to extrude a natural penile enhancement hormone that seems to work just by the first smell of their perfume and horniness! Some day I will need them I am sure once these girls start to wear me down but until then…

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