Nica’s homemade Filipina lesbian sex video

Dear Diary,

What a surprise I got today! Do you remember my encounter with the so-called lesbian Filipina girl, Nica? I made boom-boom with Nica a little over a week ago and I had lent her one of my old video cameras so that she could take some sex videos of her lesbian lover at home but after getting no texts back from her for about a week I decided it was a lost cause. It was a cheap little piece of equipment anyways.

Screencapture of Homemade lesbian sex video from My Filipina Girl nica

My Filipina girl Nica working her lesbian partner in a homemade sex video she took with a video cam I lent her to take home

However, today she brought it back with a real homemade sex video of her playing with her own Filipina lesbian girl that she called her “tomboy lover”, which is what they call them around here in the Philippines. This is a super rare and authentic video! I got so excited watching them having sex. Watching them both in their own elements and her tomboy’s nice pair of boobs really got me horny. So that being said, I will definitely take the chance of sending a camera off with my Filipina girls again in the future because it’s the only way I get to see really authentic and intimate moments like these. Luckily I was able to edit the video nicely to show you on my official site..

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