Week 3 of sexual adventures with my Filipina girls

Welcome to week three’s highlights video. It’s fun for me putting these together to showcase my highlights and worth it in the end. It was another fantastic week here on my Philippine Sex Vacation in Angeles City! It seems to get better and better with each week that I am here!

Starting off, Valentine’s Day usually makes me a bit romantic so I actually bought My Filipina Girlfriend Anabel a gift. This sign of heart weakness actually opened up the door up to finally shoot a full Filipina sex video with Anabel in her full glory. Jackpot! Kindness does pay off, my friends.

Then there was Nhei who I found one sunny day while out on a rental bike and Ethel who played sweetly with my white cock. I decided to honor her efforts with a Johann Sebastian Back Girls n Music piece I posted about her amazing Filipina handjob. I hope you are enjoying my adventures here my friends. Don’t forget to bookmark this blog for daily updates and then…

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