My Filipina girlfriend Anabel visits for a fuck

Dear Diary,

Anabel had texted and said she wants to come visit me today. I had a little surprise for her actually. She she got her I gave it to her. I really don’t know why but I guess it feels like she’s starting to become my Filipina girlfriend or at best, the closest thing to ever having one. I will keep it this way for the time being because it makes me hornier knowing that I’m cheating when I fuck other girls.

Gift for my sexy filipina girl anabel so she would fuck me

My filipina girl Anabel came over today and I gave her a gift since she is the closest thing to being a Filipina girlfriend and she let me videotape us having sex in my second hotelroom.

After she took my gift she was so much more agreeable to letting me film us together while I make boom-boom with her. She’s clearly no longer shy about all the filming I do with her. I had to start meeting her in another hotel lately because she’s my one Filipina girl that shows up randomly to check out what I am doing. This could start getting expensive having a girlfriend in the Philippines!

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