Week #5 on my Philippines sex vacation was another success!

Hey guys,

Like all Sundays here in the Philippines thus far, I have spent my time composing sexy highlight videos of my sexual excursions with all my Filipina girls here in Angeles City. Hopefully I’ll soon get to explore further but with so much fresh and available wet Filipina pussy around it’s proving to be beneficial for my dick if I stay put for awhile. They’re everywhere! I almost crave their smell first thing in the morning already and I am getting to have a very good sense of detection when it comes to picking out my next Filipina girl.

The weeks keep getting better and better and since I gain more experience, develop more contacts with different girls and get to know the layout around here, I am realizing more and more just how spot-on I was when saying that the Philippine Islands are truly pussy paradise on planet Earth! Enjoy the 5th weekly installment of My Filipina Girls & Music series.

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