My skinny Filipina girl Zen came back!

Today has been an amazing day for me. Remember the Petite and cute Filipina girl Zen I met on Riverside in Angeles City? My skinny Filipina Girl Zen came back to see me at my hotel now that her “unclean” time is over. I got a great blowjob from her but I wanted to see what else she was good at. I figured that she would not come back as promised but she did! We didn’t waste any time getting down and dirty because this was something we needed to finish that was started a week ago and today was perfect!

There is no better way to end a week than this. She’s a semi-innocent Filipina teen who still needs some skills but by coming to visit me she is well on her way to becoming well educated in sexual abilities! I’m not crazy about fucking her again since these kinds of girls, much like my Filipina girl here, are in abundance everywhere in Angeles City. So much pussy, so little time!

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