My shy Filipina girl Maricel puts out

Hi Guys. Remember those shy and quiet girls named Maricel and April that didn’t want to swim with me a few days ago while out street walking? Maricel returned today and I didn’t expect that at all. She decided she would return to try the little photo shoot I wanted to do and I took her by surprise when things got a little kinky. The look on her face was priceless when I’d mention anything naughty. I couldn’t help exploring her Filipina teen body so I just went for it.

Maricel was very inexperienced and had no clue what I was really up to. My shy Filipina girl sure did put out though! She was more into the picture taking but maybe her curiosity of sex got her to succumb to my advances. She did everything I asked though, even if it was step by step haha. She never once said no about anything. Not the best of sexual performances but it’s still just as fun to bang an innocent, unsuspecting Shy Filipina girl anyways!

Maricel’s hairy teen pussy really got me the most excited. So soft and she seemed to really love the way I fondled her wet pussy while getting her undressed. Maybe that’s why she was like putty in my hands? Maybe!

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