Daisy, my slutty and skinny Filipina girl

I was chatting with Daisy yesterday and she agreed to meet me around 9 tonight near the hotel. This Filipina girl is even hotter than I thought! We had a tasty drink and she gave me a lot of dos and don’ts of the Tagalog language and of all things.. about going on a diet. One piece of advice she gave me is to never use ice in your drinks. I never heard of such things before but I am learning something new every day.

I think this girl is really cool. I invited her to my hotel to let me take some pictures of her. Everything was going great, right on queue for my desires until we started to get more into it and it was time to penetrate her very tight dripping Filipina pussy. Jewel insisted I use a condom before putting it inside of her. Not many Filipina girls are this weary of going bareback but none-the-less, I agreed. It is her decision and I must respect her for that. I just don’t like it. I wanted nothing more than to feel her Asian pussy wrapped around my dick and slippery sliding up and down my shaft and the condom takes away that part of it for me.

However, on the upside, I can pound 3 times harder without worry of accidentally ejaculating and shortening the affair. So for that, I am happy because she does have a super-duper tight pussy and this girl is extremely dirty minded. She was a great fuck, even when I gave her my thick facial cumshot, my friendly and skinny Filipina girl loved every drop of it. Maybe that’s why she made me wear a rubber? Maybe it’s so I don’t waste my sperm on her pussy when she really wants it on her face!

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