Fucked slightly chubby Filipina girl Michelle twice in a row!!

Dear Diary,

I started this day off by walking around town and trying to find a Filipina girl to have fun with. It took me quite awhile find my target til a lazy looking Filipina girl wearing a blue dress passed me by so I started to follow her a bit. She’s not the most beautiful girl but sometimes I just like normal-looking types of girls like her. She was a little bit on the chubby side and but she really had a nice face with a bit of Japanese style to her looks. I talked with her a bit as we walked together and mentioned about us making some pictures together and she really seemed to like the idea. She’s probably just one of those girls who are waiting for a foreigner like me to come on to her.

We headed to my hotel room where we shot some pictures but it was quite obvious that we would end up doing what I always end up doing with these Filipina girls but she actually ended up reacting badly when I inquired to see her underwear. I was starting to think I was wrong about where this was all going! However, she didn’t mind showing me her boobs at all. Which meant.. the game was on again! I licked her nipples, which only made it so she could not resist grabbing onto my dick and sucking me! She really did give a nice blowjob!!! She’s a real hot-blooded cock lover and there is no stopping this Filipina girl now. She made me so horny and excited that I stuffed my cock in her doggiestyle and came within 5 minutes. How embarrassing. Look at her though, could you blame me? Obviously 5 minutes alone with her was not enough so I had to fuck her again!

During the second round I tried to fuck her in the ass but it was very obvious that she wasn’t into it at all so to finish her off off I gave her another creampie load inside of her nice little tight hairy pussy! My legs are some sore now. Haha.

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