Found Honeybabes at Fort San Pedro today

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Dear Diary,

I was sightseeing at Fort San Pedro today and ran into a pair ot sexy girls taking pics of themselves. I offered to help and got to talking with them. One Filipina girl was Honeybabes and the other Mitch.

They seemed like they were working out some issue they had with each other, maybe a little tiff, who knows, who cares! Maybe they were deciding who fucked me first? I wish! haha. Anyways we talked about what it’s like in Cebu and every Filipina girl’s favorite subject; boom-boom! They didn’t know that word themselves, they use a different one for it here but it made them laugh anyways, which was a great ice-breaker. I invited them to my hotel for more pics but Mitch had to jet because she had no time but would come tomorrow. Honeybabes was all in!

We took off in a taxi to my hotel with both girls. We were dropping Mitch off at Robinsons then Honeybabes came home with me. Once the door was closed, Honeybabes became nervous but once I started to take pictures she came around more. She has a nice body, really nice boobs and seems to be a really nice down-to-earth Filipina girl. I had a lot of pleasure fucking my Cebu princess! Honeybabes down, one more to go tomorrow! I just really hope Mitch keeps her word about it! Man I love it in Cebu!

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