Jane: I was lost then this hairy Filipina girl found me!

I decided to check out a BBQ place close to Fuentes Circle. I heard about this place being great but I honestly could not find it and got lost! Imagine being in the middle of a Philippine back road not knowing where you are. My fears quickly turned to excitement when I saw a girl nearby and I decided to see what was up so I could find my way out of here. I couldn’t really see her well but she was friendly and offered to show me the way to the BBQ herself.

Once in the light I noticed she was quite good looking and even seemed like a sweet girl. I invited her to come with me for some food and she showed me the right way to eat in Cebu. With plastic bags wrapped around your hands and these funny little rice balls. Tasted great though! Now it was time to get into her Filipina pussy!

I still didn’t really know where I was so she offered to show me the way to get back to my hotel. She told me “You are nice to me, I will be nice to you.” That’s not something any pretty girl like her should be telling a man with my track record of leaving cum stains in their crotches within moments of meeting them, haha!

I figured this was going to be a piece of cake once at my hotel. I was very curious about her body because she was fairly tall and skinny. We took some pictures and she started to take off all her clothes. Wow what a nice body! She boobs were not all that great though. Her hairy Filipina pussy looked like a dark little monkey. That got me quite excited to fuck her!

She didn’t have very many skills at all. maybe she’s new to this? Her blowjob was very poor and she seemed quite unexcited about it all. Either it was her nerves or she really only was doing this for her meal. Hungry Filipina girls will do a lot for a meal. I had to do all the work but that’s alright, since I am great at boom-boom myself! A trophy is a trophy!

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