Really hot Filipina girl distracts my shopping, then I distract her mouth!


I went to Clark air base today to do some shopping for food and drink. I decided to say away from SM mall because I knew I would be mongering Filipina girls within a heartbeat of spotting one and never get any of my much needed shopping done. I needed to rest today too. But then I saw this Filipina girl with long legs walking alone. I was way too tempted and could not keep focused. Fuck the shopping. Damn.. I’m so weak to these girls. I followed her in the shop and eventually worked the nerve to approach her. She noticed me following her and was quite surprised by my actions. She does seem like a woman who is used to a man’s attention though and kept her distance. If that makes any sense to you non-mongers out there reading this. Her basket had many candy treats in it so I knew she has money. Most likely from a foreigner who “loves” her.

She let me take a pic but she then walked away fast. She definitely didn’t need my attention after all! That being said, I wouldn’t have my own Diary of Filipina Girls if I gave up this easy now, right? No worries. Read on friends! I wondered how beautiful she would be under her clothes and imagining her as being a very hot Filipina girl to have in bed so I had to get her name before she was gone. She calls herself Khia and is an ex 20 year old model with a baby. Yes.. she’s a MILF! Most likely fathered by a foreigner. I guess taking an interest in her personally made her appreciate that I might be special to her in a weird way.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t only my interest in her that got her attention, maybe it’s something else. I have to admit that I also told her I was a fashion photographer. Yes, that’s right. I played at her heart-strings and hit the nerve where it’s sore.. her dreams gone up in smoke and Khia desperately missing the fashion life! Girls eat this shit up. Most women, especially Filipina girls love it when a handsome man like myself takes interest in a happy memory they had that is no longer achievable. They especially get “cozy” to a man if he has power to give her that happy memory another try again!

Just to show you how serious my need to explore this new Filipina girl was, check out what I’m dealing with here:

I mean it, she is a super hot Filipina girl that I have to have now!

Jackpot! She agreed to do a photo shoot with me before heading back home to her baby. That was a great first step. We arrived at my hotel and it was clear that she was a model before. She was not lying. She knows how to pose like a professional! She doesn’t mind getting naked at all, either. She was very natural in it. Not too professional where she is fake but so good that it’s like she was making love with my eyes, and meant it. A real experience for me since I’m an artist at heart. I wondered if this beautiful Filipina girl wanted more with me so I got her horny enough that when i started touching her nipples, everything went along more smoothly than I ever imagined a girl that showed no interest in me at all 20 minutes ago ever would.

Holy mother of everything… this is one daunting Filipina girl with a great body. Fuck!! My head is still reeling from this. I will probably have to masturbate twice before sleeping tonight after uploading everything just to get the sex out of my head long enough to fall asleep. She gave one hell of a sweet blowjob. Not wild but honest to goodness perfect! She was very polite during it and was very kind if letting me experience it! Fucking a model Filipina girl like her was a great way to feel welcome back in Angeles City. I decided I was going to stay her a bit longer. I did promise I would visit other locations soon but like I said early, Filipina girls make me very week! I have lots of time to visit other places anyways since I’m here indefinitely. So.. horny girls first is my motto!

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