Laiza: Teasing cute Filipina girl gets fucked, Finally!

There’s a lot of history with this girl that I should really fill you in on before getting down to the nitty gritty of this update. Laiza and I have been chatting on webcam for quite awhile but this cute Filipina girl was more of a cock-tease than anything. She would get me so damn turned on and I couldn’t do anything about meeting her to do anything about it. Finally, I threatened to stop talking to her if she didn’t at least agree to meet me. Finally, after too much teasing, I finally got her here for some sexy picture taking. Some of my site members told me I should just forget about her if she was going to be such a tease but I finally succeeded in getting what I wanted! You can read more about the teasing and watch my recordered webcam sessions with her inside my diary.

She showed up for our date on time and we had a couple drinks together. She’s even more cute in person than I thought before. She kept her word about taking pictured and we headed back to my hotel room to get started.

It was clear to me that she is used to lots of attention and modeled for me at er best. She told me that she even has a younger and an older sister that’s more of a cute Filipina girl than her.. As you know me by now, I always use my skills to being action on. After hearing about her cuter sisters and having her laying naked before me with her own cuteness making me rock hard, I had to fuck her and it was a great fuck!

She’s not very active in sex but a cute Filipina girl like her laying before me was enough to make me extremely excited. I really loved her tiny and pert little tits. Made me very horny. The feeling her her vice-grip tight Filipina pussy wrapped around my cock was too much after awhile though so I just kept fucking and fucking until I filled her up with a creampie! I am pretty sure this girl doesn’t have a boyfriend because no man would leave that pussy alone long enough to stay this tight. Now I just need to meet her sisters as well!

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