3way Filipina girls – can life get any better?

I have been chatting with Ann for a few days and I really do think she is in love with me. She never stops texting me. I wish I was able to commit to a girl like that but I don’t see it happening any time soon. I’m too free spirited and on my mission. Still. I am very happy that I got to know her beautiful soul.

She mentioned her cousin Fhae to me that lives with me. She described her as a “black beauty” and agreed to do a threesome if I could become her boyfriend. I thought long and hard about it (ok for a half minute) and realized, why not make her my girlfriend? She is sweet, beautiful and brings me new girls so I am not bored. I can still have my fun with as many girls as I want. In addition to Laiza, I now also have Ann as a girlfriend. They both bring me Filipina girls and don’t seem to get jealous.

Back to the update at hand before I get carried away with all the perks of Filipina girls like Laiza and Ann, haha.

An arrived this afternoon with her black beauty cousin and after some chatting Ann began to act funny. I asked them to go take a shower before fucking. I thoroughly enjoyed Fhae’s body. She’s fresh, young, tight and has beautiful boobs. Best of all: she has an incredibly tiny pussy!

WE started off with a nice three 3way blowjob. What a view; two Filipina girls sharing my white cock… heaven! As for skills, there is still a lot to be learned but I must say that Fhae’s pussy was paradise! She didn’t show much emotion in the beginning but that was because she never fucked with her own cousin before. It’s ok… the strangeness will pass.

She really enjoyed it once she stopped stressing about it. It ended up being a very good fuck. Two Filipina girls, tight pussies and cuteness all over… how could any of this fail? I am starting to really like this pussy delivery system I have going on here. Shiela brought me Ann, Ann brought me Fhae and now I am hoping that Fhae will bring me some fresh Filipina girl pussy deliveries too!

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