Filipina girls Erika & Kathleen give me a nice 3some

Around 1 o’clock this afternoon, my favorite Filipina girl Laiza dropped in with Kathleen but also brought another girl, named Erika, with her too! This could easily turn into a wild threesome after Laiza takes off or takes a nap, that’s for sure!

Then something bad happened. The girls went to shower before we fucked and while in the washroom, they found a pair of panties with no explanation of who’s they were except for me to say it must be from previous customer who had the room. The truth is, they are from that Filipina girl, Jenny, that I had over last night. Sometimes they leave these behind to make some drama.

After they dried off, I got one of the best Filipina girl threesome BJs ever! I felt like I had to cum the entire time. It’s hard being me. After they left and Laiza woke up, she told me that Erika actually has a real Filipino BF but that she fucks foreigners like me behind his back all the time. She’s known to be a really dirty little slut. I saw the proof myself today and couldn’t be happier! Laiza is definitely the best GF ever. She keeps bringing me girls. I love her!

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