Brand new Filipina Sex Diary redesign now live!!!

It’s finally here! The new diary website for all of my Filipina girls is finally live! Check it out! I am very proud of this redesign! It shows what it’s all about: Filipina girls, their friends, their friends’ friends and of course, more girl again! I am also in middle of writing up new sections that teach you how to try it out for yourself if you take a trip to pussy-land.

I’m excited and can’t wait to finish new section but for now, I hope you enjoy the new site design! Scroll down now and take a look at a sample video showcasing my 37th week of debauchery in pussy-land. With Filipina girls like this, I’d be surprised if I would ever leave! So 37 weeks down and only 1000’s more to go until my dick falls off or all the girls in the Philippines have already fucked me, haha!

Laiza came over to see me today and stayed in my bed all day while complaining about her life. I wanted to film it all but she didn’t let me. She was in such a bad mood. Women… I this doesn’t mean that she will stop her pussy deliveries on me!!!! Can;t live with them.. can;t shoot them.. can’t fuck them.. wait.. yes I can haha I just couldn’t film it today. So I spent the day making the highlights video and of course, this post haha. Have a good day my friends.

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