Maymay, the skinny Filipina girl with soft perfect ass

I went on a date with my lovely Filipina girl friend Maymay in Manila today. She’s a girl I met on a Filipina dating site. She never used make-up, no special clothes either and just showed up at my hotel room. A girl like this doesn’t need a visual introduction anyways, look at her, she’s beautiful when naked!

I loved her skinny Filipina girl body right from the start. Her smile, dark skin and even the way she talked. It was so horny sounding! At least to me, anyways.

She seemed shy at first but once making pictures in sexy poses, she warmed up inside and before I knew it, I had my hands all over her velvet-feeling soft Filipina girl parts. Oh my! She is so deliciously soft! Like a perfect angel or brand new puppy. Could not stop stroking her in every direction!

The other great part was that after all this posing, touching and fondling, she was just as horny as I was. She wanted to get fucked and wanted my white cock in her mouth, pussy and between her soft slender fingers! Damn. What a Filipian girl this was…

You can tell just how much she loved the pain, the pleasure and the girth of me throbbing inside her pussy. She was biting down on a towel and making these cute little horny noises the whole time. Grr.. she makes me so hard just thinking about her beautiful body and ass…

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