Skinny sex slut made my Filipina girl dreams cum true!

I’ll never forget this day. I was walking around and came upon this beauty Filipina girl in uniform waiting. To me, she looked friendly, so I approached and after making a conversation with her, I learned she was on lay over in town here before flying home to Cebu tomorrow.

I also had a feeling she was not only here on lay over, but also because she wanted to get laid, over and over. And that is just what we did. I came in her shaved Filipina girl pussy pocket 4 fucking times in one session! Yes, seriously! So much so that I had to upload two parts of her update!


Maymay, the skinny Filipina girl with soft perfect ass

I went on a date with my lovely Filipina girl friend Maymay in Manila today. She’s a girl I met on a Filipina dating site. She never used make-up, no special clothes either and just showed up at my hotel room. A girl like this doesn’t need a visual introduction anyways, look at her, she’s beautiful when naked!

I loved her skinny Filipina girl body right from the start. Her smile, dark skin and even the way she talked. It was so horny sounding! At least to me, anyways.


Kiana, the Filipina girl with a skinny Milfy body!

I met my online Filipina girl chat friend Kiana today. You know, the one with the sexy petite body and tramp-stamp tat. She is so sexy. I love skinny girls and especially ones with as pretty of a smile as hers.


Filipina girl’s anal Rose buds plundered

My friend Ann showed up with Filipina girl Rose today and shew as back to make up for only giving me a BJ last time she was here.


Cute and busty Filipina girl named Menchie

I’ve heard the little complaints from some of the members on my Filipina girl diary about he fact that I am not walking around anymore to look for girls. Yes it’s true, I became a little lazy because of Laiza’s, Ann’s and Shiela’s daily pussy deliveries 🙂 So today, I decided to do some shopping in the big Mall close to my hotel. I was walking around buying food when I saw the girl of my dreams: A petite, korean-style girl in the same department store. I started to follow her and it was clear that she as all alone. Guys, that is always a good sign… she’s probably bored, just had a fight at home or feels lonely… time for action! But in this case, it was even better, she started to follow me!


Highlights from week 38 on my Sex Vacation

I started to feel bad last Friday and yesterday seemed normal again but this morning I woke up with such a headache. Definitely not in mood for Filipina girls at that very moment, that is for sure! haha I could not move for a few hours. Laiza came over to help me but I fell asleep. By the time I woke up, she had already left. There was a note saying: “Call me if you need me.” So sweet.


Filipina girls Erika & Kathleen give me a nice 3some

Around 1 o’clock this afternoon, my favorite Filipina girl Laiza dropped in with Kathleen but also brought another girl, named Erika, with her too! This could easily turn into a wild threesome after Laiza takes off or takes a nap, that’s for sure!

Then something bad happened. The girls went to shower before we fucked and while in the washroom, they found a pair of panties with no explanation of who’s they were except for me to say it must be from previous customer who had the room. The truth is, they are from that Filipina girl, Jenny, that I had over last night. Sometimes they leave these behind to make some drama.


3way Filipina girls – can life get any better?

I have been chatting with Ann for a few days and I really do think she is in love with me. She never stops texting me. I wish I was able to commit to a girl like that but I don’t see it happening any time soon. I’m too free spirited and on my mission. Still. I am very happy that I got to know her beautiful soul.


Video highlights of the past 2 weeks with Filipina girls

It’s been such a busy two weeks that I finally had time to edit my highlights video showcasing the recent Filipina girls. I kept promising to do it all week but got sidetracked by too much Filipina pussy! If there was ever such thing! haha


Hardcore Filipina girls threesome in hotel

Does everyone remember Shiela? I met her a while back in February at Clark. She’s one of my first featured Filipina girls and is my first outdoor adventure since over here. We keep in touch via text and I have always been hoping to meet her twin sister. She finally got in touch a few days ago and I pretended to be busy. Then she offered to introduce me to a cute Filipina girl that she is friends with.


Surprise! Laiza’s sisters are now my Filipina girls too! Wow!

Laiza brought me over her two amazing sisters. They were waiting for me in the lobby at my hotel and I was happy to see them again for obvious reasons. Once inside my hotel room, I didn’t really expect anything to happen until Laiza asked me if I wanted to “do it” now. Of course, I said “yes”, while not knowing for sure if I understood her well enough about what she was referring to. After about 5 seconds it was very clear that she was really talking about me having a Filipina girl threesome with her two sisters right here and now.


Highlights of my 19th and 20th week in the Philippines

Highlights week 19 and 20 together? What did I do that for? Well, you see my friends, I was planning to edit the 19th week installment TWICE but kept getting distracted by fun stuff to do! Firstly, a friend of mine invited me out to watch the Pacman fight with him then secondly I went barhopping and ended up in a room full of buck-naked Filipina girls from the bar frolicking, fondling, drinking and getting me horny. I got a blowjob from two Filipina girls so can you blame me for not doing the 19th week video on time? haha. Dick sucked by bargirls or stay home playing on the mac? Hmm. tough choice…. haha


Twin Filipina girls Fucked! One fat, one skinny.

I went on a date with two twin Filipina girls today and they showed up right on time. They were even wearing matching clothes which always makes me even hornier! We went out and had a bite to eat at a nice Chinese restaurant. The girls were really quite fun to be around and made me laugh lots. Very funny Filipina girls. The skinnier twin was my fav but the chubbier one got me horny as well. Really though, two pussies at once is a great time to be had regardless of which one looks better, right?


Laiza: Teasing cute Filipina girl gets fucked, Finally!

There’s a lot of history with this girl that I should really fill you in on before getting down to the nitty gritty of this update. Laiza and I have been chatting on webcam for quite awhile but this cute Filipina girl was more of a cock-tease than anything. She would get me so damn turned on and I couldn’t do anything about meeting her to do anything about it. Finally, I threatened to stop talking to her if she didn’t at least agree to meet me. Finally, after too much teasing, I finally got her here for some sexy picture taking. Some of my site members told me I should just forget about her if she was going to be such a tease but I finally succeeded in getting what I wanted! You can read more about the teasing and watch my recordered webcam sessions with her inside my diary.

She showed up for our date on time and we had a couple drinks together. She’s even more cute in person than I thought before. She kept her word about taking pictured and we headed back to my hotel room to get started.


Really hot Filipina girl distracts my shopping, then I distract her mouth!


I went to Clark air base today to do some shopping for food and drink. I decided to say away from SM mall because I knew I would be mongering Filipina girls within a heartbeat of spotting one and never get any of my much needed shopping done. I needed to rest today too. But then I saw this Filipina girl with long legs walking alone. I was way too tempted and could not keep focused. Fuck the shopping. Damn.. I’m so weak to these girls. I followed her in the shop and eventually worked the nerve to approach her. She noticed me following her and was quite surprised by my actions. She does seem like a woman who is used to a man’s attention though and kept her distance. If that makes any sense to you non-mongers out there reading this. Her basket had many candy treats in it so I knew she has money. Most likely from a foreigner who “loves” her.


Video highlights from side-trip to Thailand

As with every day that I make my highlights video, I stayed in my hotel the whole day. I really love making these videos and it’s a nice chance to catch up on TV and movies that I loved watching as a lad. Mostly erotic style ones with Asian women of course. The funniest ones for me are the sub-titled ones made in non-Asian countries. Doesn’t translate well at all, haha! I’ll go hunting for Filipina girls again tomorrow because I feel a strong desire to have some Filipina puki now that I’m finally back from Thailand!


Video showing off all the Filipina girls I fucked this past week

I just arrived in Manila today and decided to stay in my hotel all day to edit my highlight videos. I’m actually off to Thailand tomorrow because of visa regulations. I’ll be back soon tho!


Highlights from 17th Week in Philippines

I arrived in Manila today and stayed in my hotel all day to edit my highlights video. I’m off to Thailand tomorrow so lets see what kind of adventures I get into there! I have to go so my passport/visa can “reset” and I can continue my adventure here. Maybe I should marry a Pinay girl to get full visa? NAW! I can’t settle for just one girl 🙂


Filipina girl with hairy pussy finds my way back home

It was late in the evening when I decided to check out a BBQ near Fuentes circle. I got lost and saw a girl standing in the dark so I asked her for directions. She didn’t seem all that pretty from afar but I asked anyways. She was more than helpful and once in the light I saw she was still quite hot so invited her to join me for some BBQ!

We talked more and she even showed me the proper way to eat BBQ in Cebu, with plastic bags and funky looking rice balls. Since I was still quite lost in this part of town, she proposed to show me the way back home saying that since I am nice to her, she’ll be nice to me. Big mistake telling a monger like me on a mission for Filipina girls these types of things!

Since it was so easy getting her back to my hotel, I figured this would be an easy lay. I was very curious to see what lurks under than clothing of hers. She’s tall, skinny and looks like she might like fucking. I took some pictures of her in my hotel room when she started taking off all her clothes! Heck, Yeah! She does have a very nice body but the tits.. well.. not so good. Doesn’t matter because her dark Filipina pussy all covered in hair looked exciting to fuck!


Jane: I was lost then this hairy Filipina girl found me!

I decided to check out a BBQ place close to Fuentes Circle. I heard about this place being great but I honestly could not find it and got lost! Imagine being in the middle of a Philippine back road not knowing where you are. My fears quickly turned to excitement when I saw a girl nearby and I decided to see what was up so I could find my way out of here. I couldn’t really see her well but she was friendly and offered to show me the way to the BBQ herself.


What is Filipina Sex Diary?

After being in the Philippines since February, I have amassed many trophy girls, collected many privately shot scenes (by yours truly) that I felt it was time to give a little intro explaining what my site is about and how to use my diary. You’ll get to meet many of my Filipina girls as well as watch the various scandals these girls get themselves into with my white foreign cock.


Horny Filipina girl Mitch wanted sex too!

Mitch promised me yesterday that she’d get with me to spend some time taking pictures. She texted me this morning to meet her for coffee in Robinson Mall. She actually kept her word and showed up! I like that in Filipina girls. She’s most likely just jealous of my time with Honeybabes and wants to experience a good time too.


Found Honeybabes at Fort San Pedro today

Dear Diary,

I was sightseeing at Fort San Pedro today and ran into a pair ot sexy girls taking pics of themselves. I offered to help and got to talking with them. One Filipina girl was Honeybabes and the other Mitch.


Highlights from week 16 on my Filipina girl sex vacation

Hi friends!

I decided to stay in today as I do for most days that I make Filipina girl highlight videos. I had a busy weekend with a few tasty Filipina girls anyways so it’s time to let John Jr. rest some! I am really having a good time here and can’t wait to see what happens next! Enjoy the video my friends!