Sneak Peak @ the new Filipina Sex Diary

Hey guys, before I get into the subject at hand, I want to remind everyone that I have had one hell of a whirlwind summer and for that reason, this site has suffered. You see. I was abducted by sexy aliens… no! haha Just kidding. I got really busy, had a slew of technical issues to solve and now have a new site to open to show off all my Filipina girls to all of you! The technical issues have been solved a long time ago. Right now I am waiting for designer and technical guy I know to finish the site for Filipina Sex Diary. It’s going to be big. Focusing on the content and giving up all the juicy details of my life over here.

Firstly, the new design will be all about the pictures and videos. No “stuff” in the way. It will be right in your face and easy to access! Monthly and weekly view have been enhanced! I will also have a new section. The new section will be all about how I do what I do. I will also be writing articles on how to pick up girls, what best places to go, monger tips as well as reviews of books and publications that have helped myself along the way. All relating to sex vacationing in SE-Asia. As well as many innovative “Add-ons” to the site that will make following my travels easier than ever!

I can’t tell you much more right now, but watch out in the coming week or so. It’s coming! In meantime. This notice to let you all know that I will also be updating this blog again on a regular basis now that I am almost ready to open new version of Filipina Sex Diary.

In celebration of this, I decided to rewrite this Filipina girls blog as well. It had to be done. Returning visitors must obviously have noticed the redesign. To those who are new here, It’s a sad state of affairs on the old one. It was too boring and the content needed to come first. Which in fact is my Filipina Girls! No big ads. No boring design. Just simple with beautiful photography in background. I hope you all like it. Thank you for following me on my journeys. When I first started out on this adventure in the beginning of 2012, I never imagined in my wildest dreams, how big this adventure would become and how large the audience would be. The idea to have a site was a fun thing to do and I didn’t even know if it would work.. but now.. it’s huge! I love it!

I am a Filipina pussy hunter! I will never quit! I will never stop! I am.. John Tron!

May has a homemade Filipina masturbation vid and bad news for me

Today is bitter sweet for me. On the up-hand, Rebecka’s friend May came over to drop the homemade Filipina masturbation video she made with my cheap camcorder that I lend out. She only stayed about 5 minutes and seemed in a rush. I asked her about Rebecka since I had not heard from her in a while. After hesitating she finally told me the bad news that she has a Filipino boyfriend and left it at that. I am quite sad right now. I really wanted her to be my Filipina girlfriend and now I’m guessing she can’t since she has a boyfriend. Typical over here… uhg.

May's homemade amateur filipina masturbation video

The good news is, like I said, May brought me a nice amateur homemade Filipina masturbation video for me to enjoy! I am quite happy with this one. She loves to fondle and finger fuck her wet Filipina pussy, that’s for sure! haha Well since Rebecka is a fall-through I should probably get in touch with My Filipina Girlfriend Anabel and see what’s up? Meh.. naw!!!

Ended up meeting a few very cute Filipina girls

I was in my hotel’s lobby this morning to get mail when I saw a cute Filipina girl sitting there texting and looking bored. I’m thinking she probably just finished up with a customer and was waiting for a ride of a different type. She has nice red hair and a pretty face. She walked away too fast so I had to film her from a distance. I stayed home most of the day though because I was feeling a bit under the weather.

Cute Filipina girl texting and meeting another named Ella in a 7-11

The evening was a bit more successful for me. I took my bike to go to the 7-11 to get some snacks and I ended up two cute Filipina girls in there. One of them was very very cute! Right up my alley, know what I mean? I told them they could put their items in my basket. It immediately got their interest and they did as I suggested.

The cute Filipina girl I liked the most was Ella. Being a player. I decided to pretend like I wasn’t interested in them anymore, maybe I did that just because I still didn’t feel the best. I gave them my cell phone number and told Ella I would like to do a photo shoot with her tomorrow. She agreed to it and just 15 minutes later she texted me and said she would need to wait until a couple day. Hope she still comes because I find her very cute and really want to get “closer” with her for a night.

Webcam chat with Filipina girl Veregit

I woke up with Angel beside me this morning and when I checked to make sure the camera was well charged, I sprung into action! Angel told me she was done with her foreign boyfriend and hinted that I was next in line for her. Right after she left I took a trike ride to a local Jollibee to grab a bite to eat. There was a sweet Filipina girl there with unbelievable sexy legs that I was thinking about approaching but I was feeling rather lazy all of a sudden so I decided I should just as well take a little ride then head home to log online for a webcam chat with a nice Filipina girl named Veregit. At least my dick can rest this way, haha.

Veregit puts on sexy webcam chat like a good Filipina girl

This Filipina girl Veregit put on a nice stip tease webcam show for me when I got home

I just fucked 3 filipina girls within the last 10 or so hours and my balls felt empty, my muscles sore and my dick getting twitchy. I heard that hensonville has a lot of bargirls living there so I decided to take a little visit just to check the area out a bit more. it’s kind of a slum and it made me feel uncomfortable, even though everyone there seems quite pleasant and accepting of me being there. I didn’t see any bargirls but someone told me they were all sleeping. Of course, makes perfect sense, filipina girls working the bars are up late and need sleep.

Once back at my hotel room I logged on and sure enough, Veregit was there waiting for me in a sexy t-shirt. She was already starting to give me a little show and agreed to meet me real soon. I love this one already. Here I am contemplating bringing my pecker pills with me on my next date because I’m so worn out yet this girl gets me horny as hell and low-and-behold, John Jr awoke! Man I love it here! Just in case, I did decide to slip some in my travel bag to bring to my other hotel room because you never know when a 4 girl day will happen!

Jopay brings me a homemade Filipina masturbation video!

Dear Diary,

Good news! I got the other video camera back from Jopay today. Woot! It’s not as dazzling and hot as Carren’s homemade Filipina masturbation video but it was still quite fun to watch her working that tender body and soft hairy pussy of hers until it was one that was a very frisky and wet pussy to tame through her orgasms!

Homemade filipina masturbation video with my filipina girl Jopay

Here's a snap from the homemade Filipina masturbation video Jopay gave me today.

I can’t understand a word she was saying so again, if anyone can translate for me that would be great! Video is available inside my members area.

Petite and cute Filipina girl Zen I met Riverside in Angeles City

I went over to an area of Angeles City called Riverside and renter a bike to get there. I met a cute and petite Filipina girl named Zen. She’s just the kind of girl I wanted to meet on this bright and sunny morning! She’s an innocent looking and skinny teen princess that too naive to see why I was inviting her back to my hotel room. Perfect for me.. haha!

Cute petite Filipina girl Zen posed nude in pictures then gave me a nice Filipina blowjob

Picked up this naive, cute and petite Filipina girl named Zen posed for nude pictures and gave me a nice Filipina blowjob afterwards

Once we arrive back at my hotel room I played it smooth and slowly went from taking nude pictures of her petite and cute Filipina girl curves to stuffing my white dick in her mouth. I don’t think she quite seen that coming but she didn’t complain at all! I suppose a white tourist making his way on her was the highlight of her bright and sunny morning as well! Her blow job was satisfactory but that is as far as it went since this daunting cute Filipina girl was on her mens. She made a promise to return when she was ‘clean’ and I hope she keeps that promise.

My bitchy Filipina girlfriend left me after dinner!

Dear Diary,

I took Anabel out to a much fancier restaurant earlier in the day and with that I was hoping that it would entice her into much better and harder boom-boom this evening but strangely, Anabel wanted to go right home after finishing up our delicious $100 meal. I kind of hate her for that right now. She did promise that she would come visit me tomorrow morning but by the ways hew as acting I thinks he won’t show up. That will make is so much easier to break up with her. There’s much more appreciative Filipina girls out there.

Out for dinner with a bitchy Filipina girlfriend Anabel

My Filipina girlfriend Anabel was being very bitchy during our $100 dinner then went home right afterwards. I want to break up with her so darn bad right about now!!!

It was all a blessing in disguise because it left me plenty of time to chat with a pretty Filipina girl named Veregit that I met on a dating site recently. She is one hell of an irresistible cute Filipina girl that is alluring and knows how to tease like the best of them until my cock becomes hard as a rock and throbbing for some wet Filipina pussy to pound! I can’t wait to see how far I can take this.

Carren’s homemade Filipina busty teen masturbation video

Hello friends. Remember my Filipina girl Carren who is a shy inexperienced busty teen with a virgin-like pussy? Well she returned today with my cheap video camera and informed me that she had made a nice homemade solo sex video from her own place. She played with her wet hairy pussy twice and for some reason she even started touching her Filipina pussy with some sort of soup that she had. Strange but exciting! Thanks Carren! Definitely glad to have added her to the black book of my Filipina girls.

My Filipina girl Carren's homemade sex video of a busty Filipina teen masturbating

My Filipina girl Carren brought back this video of her masturbating that hairy wet Filipina pussy that she made. I love watching her busty Filipina teen tits wiggle and the way she fingers her pussy deeply!

I headed out looking for another girl to play with today but couldn’t find any that I was interested in enough to make boom-boom with. There was one good looking girl that I spotted but as soon as she seen my video camera she ran away screaming that she would sue me if her face was ever on Youtube because of it. Wow! If she thinks that would be bad I bet she would lose your mind if she ended up here on my Filipina girls sex diary! Definitely no pictures taken of her today. I do not need that kind of drama and I was already happy with Carren’s surprise to view again tonight!

Nica’s homemade Filipina lesbian sex video

Dear Diary,

What a surprise I got today! Do you remember my encounter with the so-called lesbian Filipina girl, Nica? I made boom-boom with Nica a little over a week ago and I had lent her one of my old video cameras so that she could take some sex videos of her lesbian lover at home but after getting no texts back from her for about a week I decided it was a lost cause. It was a cheap little piece of equipment anyways.

Screencapture of Homemade lesbian sex video from My Filipina Girl nica

My Filipina girl Nica working her lesbian partner in a homemade sex video she took with a video cam I lent her to take home

However, today she brought it back with a real homemade sex video of her playing with her own Filipina lesbian girl that she called her “tomboy lover”, which is what they call them around here in the Philippines. This is a super rare and authentic video! I got so excited watching them having sex. Watching them both in their own elements and her tomboy’s nice pair of boobs really got me horny. So that being said, I will definitely take the chance of sending a camera off with my Filipina girls again in the future because it’s the only way I get to see really authentic and intimate moments like these. Luckily I was able to edit the video nicely to show you on my official site..

Met a nice model looking Filipina girl named Nhei

Dear Diary & friends,

I felt like going to do some riding today again so I decided to rent another bike to explore Angeles City some more. While out on my ride I spotted a tall model looking girl sitting on a step as I was heading towards my hotel near the end of my trip. She looked kind of lazy and bored so I stopped to talk. She has a real sexy face and set of lips which made me quite horny. I invited this cute Filipina girl back to my hotel room to take some sexy pictures and maybe movies if things went really well. She agreed and wanted to do it right away! Maybe she was a street walker taking a break and wanted an easy John? Hmm. My name is John so.. I will def see where this goes. Just not right now.

My Filipina girl Nhei with a tall slender model body

I spotted my potential new Filipina girl sitting on a step, she agreed to a sexy photo shoot so I'll text her maybe tomorrow

I prefer shooting with as much daylight as possible and with the evening winding down I decided to exchange numbers and part ways. Things just turn out better with daylight.. maybe I was a bit too tired for boom-boom and didn’t want to admit it to her. I’ll text her later on before bed and talk to her about doing it tomorrow. Who knows, maybe she can be one of my Filipina girls that always easy for a quick good time. She seemed interested quite quickly.

A bit hung over but here’s Mhine’s soft warm morning tits!

Good morning guys! What a night last night! I am still feeling a little tipsy but maybe that’s just from a nice wake-n-fuck with Mhine this morning! I never thought she’d stick around long enough for round two, boy was I surprised and happy! When I woke up I couldn’t help but want to play with her beautiful full Filipina tits and wanted to get them on camera for my diary so I turned the camcorder on and started to massage her warm plush bargirl tits while she was sleeping and then slowly woke her up into a fevered horny romp.

She let me play around with her on camera for a bit but none of the actual fucking. Hey, at least I got some proof on video of taking this beautiful bargirl with nice tits home with me last night from Fields Ave. haha.

Massaging bargirls plush tits in morning

Slowly massaging Mhine's warm bargirl tits first thing in the morning. Mmm.

I’m quite sore right now and it’s only been about an hour since Mhine left.ย  The rest of the day is going to be pretty uneventful I think. Will head out to try a few take-outs and stands that I haven’t tried yet and maybe hang around home to watch a few movies.

Picked up bargirl with nice tits on Fields Ave

Hi friends. I went out tonight to visit a few bars located on Fields Ave. I had a really good time. Good cheap drinks, lots of fresh faces and even lots of Asian tourists enjoying the night life too. I picked up a nice girl that goes by the name Mhine tonight and she has a great set of tits that I wanted to get a little more personal with. She wouldn’t let me film us making boom-boom but that’s ok, I guess. She’s most likely been in the biz long enough now to know the score. Oh.. here’s a pic I snapped of her and another girl at the bar. Good dancers!

Barhopping and saw these bargirls dancing

Picture of a Bargirl I picked up from Fields Ave tonight. She's now alseep in my bed too!

I’m still kind of drunk. Good times ๐Ÿ™‚ Back to bed for this white boy.. I’ll fill you guys in more when I get up and shake the cob-webs loose tomorrow. Cheers!

Met a really nice Filipina girl named Nica

It’s been such a hectic day. Got to see lots of new places and met many pretty faces, but none stick out quite like Nica’s did. She a dandy Filipina girl with lots of energy. I hope to get to know her a bit better very soon, if you know what I mean.

I got a couple pictures of her. Here’s a nice one of her. She has such an addictive personality. Then again, so does almost everyone here!

Filipina girl Nica who has an addictive personality

Hopefully meeting up with her again tomorrow. It looks good but many things change in the matter of moments around here sometimes. So much to do around here but I would like some “boom-boom” with her!

Anabel made a surprise visit and I finally fucked her!

While minding my own affairs today I just had a surprise visit from Anabel that not only changed my mood for the day but I think I now have a steady girlfriend? She acted a little crazy. I mean, last Saturday she seemed quite distant and uninterested. Then called later on to setup a Valentines day date. I sometimes chuckle that maybe the girl is on drugs but then again, sometimes shyness can make a girl seem a bit off until they get real comfortable.

So shortly after showing up by surprise she seemed to act as if she’s known me for years. maybe it’s from being behind closed doors, no onlookers and she had very little chance of embarrassment in public. I don’t know but I took full advantage of the situation and gave her a real good fuck! She wouldn’t let me film any of it but I managed to do it anyways by kind of hiding the camcorder.

Secret footage of my fuck with my new Filipina girlfriend Anabel

Doesn’t she have the most lovely little Filipina ass?? After we were finished that’s when she told me she wants to be my girlfriend. I think she’s a bit off her rocker but I’ll see where it goes with her being my Filipina girlfriend anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

What a first week this has been!

I have visited a lot of cool places and met many interesting Filipina girls so far. I can’t believe some of the luck I have had already since I started my vacation in the Philippines. I want to remind all my readers that I do have a lot more clips, pictures and info about new Filipina girls that I have been chatting with and meeting to go sight seeing and sometimes sex with at my official site, Filipina Sex Diary.

I am excited that tomorrow I am renting a motor bike to go exploring areas around me. I will Probably visit the bars Saturday to see what new Filipina girls I can meet and hang out with some new friends I hope. There’s so much to do around here. I can’t wait to see what week #2 has for me. I made a video collage of different cool things I have encountered so far. I hope you all like this Philippines vacation video.

To all my friends, my official site will have all the passwords and everything ready for you to log in and view everything tomorrow. You can then see all the pictures I take and all the very nice Filipina girls I have from all the camcorder footage. I even invite those who don’t know me to join my site for access. You can also then see everything and it’s only pennies a day.

Thank you for all your support friends. I wish you could all be here with me!

Lunch date with Anabel at Jollibee

After convincing Anabel to meet up at the SM mall today for a dinner date, I realized not all of these pretty Filipina girls are comfortable with me videotaping and photographing all my encounters with them. She was rather shy about the whole ordeal but she seemed a good sport about it anyways. She definitely looks a lot better in person now than she did on the webcam.

Having lunch on a date with Anabel at Jillibee in SM mall

We were at a place called Jollibee in the picture above. It’s like a Philippine version of what McDonald’s is in Europe. After having a bite to eat we did a little bit of shopping. I figured I would ask her to come join me at my hotel to hang out for a bit but she seemed very uninterested in anything. I actually think that maybe she didn’t much care for me. ๐Ÿ™

My Filipina girl Jopay returns with a homemade Filipina sex masturbation video

Hey everyone, good news today! I am happy to report that Jpay brought back my video camera today with some goodies on it! Bingo! It’s not as sizzling hot as Carren’s homemade Filipina masturbation video but it was fun to watch her go at it regardless of which!

Jopay brings me a homemade filipina sex video of her alone

Jopay brings back my camera and shows me a homemade filipina sex video of her alone and masturbating her hairy Filipina pussy

You ought to remember Jopay from a previous sexual encounter I had with her when she let me fuck her petite Filipina body. I especially loved how she kept talking during most of her homemade Filipina sex video. The only problem is that I have no idea what she is even saying. If anyone out there understands Tagalog well enough to translate what she is saying I would be very appreciative! Please leave a comment on the blog here about it and I will have a nice present for you in return for your help. Cheers!

Chatted with Marjorie today. Mm. Like her already.

So today, I chatted with another Filipina girl that I met on a Filipina dating site when I was still at home in Europe. She goes by the name of ‘Marjorie’. I am so excited. I asked her to go out with me tomorrow. She agreed! I hope that it goes well and that she likes me in real life as much as she seems to when chatting with her. I have a feeling this sexy girl may be quite naughty. Only time will tell. Until tomorrow!

marjorie on a webcam chat

Chatting with Anabel

I got to chat with a pretty Filipina girl today named Anabel. Hope to get to meet her soon and see where it goes.

Just arrived in Angeles City!

Hello friends. I have just arrived in AC after my very long and boring flight from Europe to Manila, then a 2-hour crazy van ride up to my hotel. I literally though that it would never end and almost regretted going on vacation. That was until I got here. This place is beautiful. Simplistically raw, yet very invigorating.

I did meet a really cute stewardesses on Philippine Airlines that has kept me smiling during most of the flight though so I can’t complain there.

I am very excited but I do need to rest now that I’m somewhat settled into my hotel room. It’s a nice room. Hope to sleep well tonight. So much to explore tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out this really cool panoramic mode photograph I took while walking along the loading tunnel.

Philippine Airlines passenger jet