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Brand new Filipina Sex Diary redesign now live!!!

It’s finally here! The new diary website for all of my Filipina girls is finally live! Check it out! I am very proud of this redesign! It shows what it’s all about: Filipina girls, their friends, their friends’ friends and of course, more girl again! I am also in middle of writing up new sections that teach you how to try it out for yourself if you take a trip to pussy-land.

I’m excited and can’t wait to finish new section but for now, I hope you enjoy the new site design! Scroll down now and take a look at a sample video showcasing my 37th week of debauchery in pussy-land.

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Filipina girls Erika & Kathleen give me a nice 3some

Around 1 o’clock this afternoon, my favorite Filipina girl Laiza dropped in with Kathleen but also brought another girl, named Erika, with her too! This could easily turn into a wild threesome after Laiza takes off or takes a nap, that’s for sure!

Then something bad happened. The girls went to shower before we fucked and while in the washroom, they found a pair of panties with no explanation of who’s they were except for me to say it must be from previous customer who had the room. The truth is, they are from that Filipina girl, Jenny, that I had over last night. Sometimes they leave these behind to make some drama.

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Sneak Peak @ the new Filipina Sex Diary

Hey guys, before I get into the subject at hand, I want to remind everyone that I have had one hell of a whirlwind summer and for that reason, this site has suffered. You see. I was abducted by sexy aliens… no! haha Just kidding. I got really busy, had a slew of technical issues to solve and now have a new site to open to show off all my Filipina girls to all of you! The technical issues have been solved a long time ago. Right now I am waiting for designer and technical guy I know to finish the site for Filipina Sex Diary. It’s going to be big. Focusing on the content and giving up all the juicy details of my life over here.

Firstly, the new design will be all about the pictures and videos. No “stuff” in the way. It will be right in your face and easy to access! Monthly and weekly view have been enhanced! I will also have a new section. The new section will be all about how I do what I do. I will also be writing articles on how to pick up girls, what best places to go, monger tips as well as reviews of books and publications that have helped myself along the way. All relating to sex vacationing in SE-Asia. As well as many innovative “Add-ons” to the site that will make following my travels easier than ever!

I can’t tell you much more right now, but watch out in the coming week or so. It’s coming! In meantime. This notice to let you all know that I will also be updating this blog again on a regular basis now that I am almost ready to open new version of Filipina Sex Diary.

In celebration of this, I decided to rewrite this Filipina girls blog as well. It had to be done. Returning visitors must obviously have noticed the redesign. To those who are new here, It’s a sad state of affairs on the old one. It was too boring and the content needed to come first. Which in fact is my Filipina Girls! No big ads. No boring design. Just simple with beautiful photography in background. I hope you all like it. Thank you for following me on my journeys. When I first started out on this adventure in the beginning of 2012, I never imagined in my wildest dreams, how big this adventure would become and how large the audience would be. The idea to have a site was a fun thing to do and I didn’t even know if it would work.. but now.. it’s huge! I love it!

I am a Filipina pussy hunter! I will never quit! I will never stop! I am.. John Tron!

3way Filipina girls – can life get any better?

I have been chatting with Ann for a few days and I really do think she is in love with me. She never stops texting me. I wish I was able to commit to a girl like that but I don’t see it happening any time soon. I’m too free spirited and on my mission. Still. I am very happy that I got to know her beautiful soul.

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Video highlights of the past 2 weeks with Filipina girls

It’s been such a busy two weeks that I finally had time to edit my highlights video showcasing the recent Filipina girls. I kept promising to do it all week but got sidetracked by too much Filipina pussy! If there was ever such thing! haha

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Hardcore Filipina girls threesome in hotel

Does everyone remember Shiela? I met her a while back in February at Clark. She’s one of my first featured Filipina girls and is my first outdoor adventure since over here. We keep in touch via text and I have always been hoping to meet her twin sister. She finally got in touch a few days ago and I pretended to be busy. Then she offered to introduce me to a cute Filipina girl that she is friends with.

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