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Filipina girl’s anal Rose buds plundered

My friend Ann showed up with Filipina girl Rose today and shew as back to make up for only giving me a BJ last time she was here.


Felicity: Anal sex with a petite Filipina bar girl

Hey guys!!

Remember the pair of bargirls from last week? I had to choose between Carla and Felicity. I ended up choosing Carla, the one with the killer Filipina girl’s ass and I don’t regret any bit of it. It was a great night of bar girl sex for me! I just couldn’t forget Felicity’s puppy-dog sad faces when she saw me leave with Carla that night. Unfortunately, I had lost her cell number. Note to self: always write Filipina girls phone number on the back of my hand from now on! So I texted Carla to see if she would give me her digits. it must be a jealousy thing because she just wouldn’t give it to me. It took a few days of pestering but she finally gave in and sent me her YM handle. Bingo!

I chatted with Felicity earlier today and she was quite happy to hear from me. She told me how she really wanted to come visit me tonight and that she was on her day off. Felicty is a fantastic Filipina girl! She showed up wearing a sexy tiger pattern shirt with only a gold colored t-back on beneath it! She has such an amazing attitude! I hazard to guess that she’s funner when not working! She danced, teased and put on a nice sexy little show for me.

We started to kiss then she turned into a cock sucking maniac! This tart took my cock as deep as she could and gave me a throat-fucking experience that most Filipina girls cannot do! Immediately I knew what that means. It means she is going to fuck the living tar out of me! Another surprise is that unlike most Filipina girls, she let me have anal sex with her! It was so tight and strong in there! I was quite worried the neighbors might complain because Felicity was screaming so damn hard.

Before Felicity left, she informed me that she plans on returning to see me again really soon. Some day after work, tomorrow or maybe the day after. She made sure I understood that it would happen very soon. Who says you can’t have good friendships with Filipina bar girls? I hope she comes as soon as possible. I’m already lucky as fuck as it stands being able to fuck such a quality Filipina girl without even having to pay her barfine.

Ethel is my first Filipina girl that does Anal!

Dear Friends,

You’ll never guess what happened this time. I met another girl that wanted to have sex with me. Her name is Ethel and she is one horny Filipina girl! I won’t bore you with all the details about how we met but lets just say it all happened so fast in the street. By the time she was laying down in my hotel room bed, I already had a raging hard-on and couldn’t wait to see what my Filipina girl #4 had in store for me!

I really am happy to have met Ethel. She is the first girl to really let me go full bore anal with her. She takes it better than most of the girls back home but I was scared I would hurt her. The truth is, after fucking her pussy for so long and hard, her pussy gushed juices all over her ass and I had to try it before she changed her mind. My new friends here tell me that not very many Filipina girls let anybody do anal so I doubt they would believe me if I didn’t have this video to prove it. I think the guys owe me a drink 🙂