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3way Filipina girls – can life get any better?

I have been chatting with Ann for a few days and I really do think she is in love with me. She never stops texting me. I wish I was able to commit to a girl like that but I don’t see it happening any time soon. I’m too free spirited and on my mission. Still. I am very happy that I got to know her beautiful soul.


Hardcore Filipina girls threesome in hotel

Does everyone remember Shiela? I met her a while back in February at Clark. She’s one of my first featured Filipina girls and is my first outdoor adventure since over here. We keep in touch via text and I have always been hoping to meet her twin sister. She finally got in touch a few days ago and I pretended to be busy. Then she offered to introduce me to a cute Filipina girl that she is friends with.


Surprise! Laiza’s sisters are now my Filipina girls too! Wow!

Laiza brought me over her two amazing sisters. They were waiting for me in the lobby at my hotel and I was happy to see them again for obvious reasons. Once inside my hotel room, I didn’t really expect anything to happen until Laiza asked me if I wanted to “do it” now. Of course, I said “yes”, while not knowing for sure if I understood her well enough about what she was referring to. After about 5 seconds it was very clear that she was really talking about me having a Filipina girl threesome with her two sisters right here and now.


Twin Filipina girls Fucked! One fat, one skinny.

I went on a date with two twin Filipina girls today and they showed up right on time. They were even wearing matching clothes which always makes me even hornier! We went out and had a bite to eat at a nice Chinese restaurant. The girls were really quite fun to be around and made me laugh lots. Very funny Filipina girls. The skinnier twin was my fav but the chubbier one got me horny as well. Really though, two pussies at once is a great time to be had regardless of which one looks better, right?


Really hot Filipina girl distracts my shopping, then I distract her mouth!


I went to Clark air base today to do some shopping for food and drink. I decided to say away from SM mall because I knew I would be mongering Filipina girls within a heartbeat of spotting one and never get any of my much needed shopping done. I needed to rest today too. But then I saw this Filipina girl with long legs walking alone. I was way too tempted and could not keep focused. Fuck the shopping. Damn.. I’m so weak to these girls. I followed her in the shop and eventually worked the nerve to approach her. She noticed me following her and was quite surprised by my actions. She does seem like a woman who is used to a man’s attention though and kept her distance. If that makes any sense to you non-mongers out there reading this. Her basket had many candy treats in it so I knew she has money. Most likely from a foreigner who “loves” her.


Video highlights from side-trip to Thailand

As with every day that I make my highlights video, I stayed in my hotel the whole day. I really love making these videos and it’s a nice chance to catch up on TV and movies that I loved watching as a lad. Mostly erotic style ones with Asian women of course. The funniest ones for me are the sub-titled ones made in non-Asian countries. Doesn’t translate well at all, haha! I’ll go hunting for Filipina girls again tomorrow because I feel a strong desire to have some Filipina puki now that I’m finally back from Thailand!


Filipina girl with hairy pussy finds my way back home

It was late in the evening when I decided to check out a BBQ near Fuentes circle. I got lost and saw a girl standing in the dark so I asked her for directions. She didn’t seem all that pretty from afar but I asked anyways. She was more than helpful and once in the light I saw she was still quite hot so invited her to join me for some BBQ!

We talked more and she even showed me the proper way to eat BBQ in Cebu, with plastic bags and funky looking rice balls. Since I was still quite lost in this part of town, she proposed to show me the way back home saying that since I am nice to her, she’ll be nice to me. Big mistake telling a monger like me on a mission for Filipina girls these types of things!

Since it was so easy getting her back to my hotel, I figured this would be an easy lay. I was very curious to see what lurks under than clothing of hers. She’s tall, skinny and looks like she might like fucking. I took some pictures of her in my hotel room when she started taking off all her clothes! Heck, Yeah! She does have a very nice body but the tits.. well.. not so good. Doesn’t matter because her dark Filipina pussy all covered in hair looked exciting to fuck!


What is Filipina Sex Diary?

After being in the Philippines since February, I have amassed many trophy girls, collected many privately shot scenes (by yours truly) that I felt it was time to give a little intro explaining what my site is about and how to use my diary. You’ll get to meet many of my Filipina girls as well as watch the various scandals these girls get themselves into with my white foreign cock.


3 Months of Filipina girls on my Philippine Sex Vacation

Dear Diary,

To celebrate 3 months over here on my Philippine sex vacation, I have this time created a collage of scenes with all my Filipina girls to date. It’s very hard to imagine that I’ve screwed so many of these tight little LBFMs already since arriving her in February but I did and I have all the proof.. on video! I look forward to what this month (and beyond) brings me so as I am preparing for my trip to Cebu tomorrow, wish me the best of luck my friends!

Now I am going offline early tonight to rest up before my journey tomorrow. Until next time, enjoy this video and remember to visit Filipina Sex Diary for more updates and girls than are featured on here.

Fucked a cheating married Filipina girl!

Dear Diary,

I finally had some excitement! I was enjoying my breakfast alone when I spotted this cute Filipina girl with tats that was munching alone as well. She seemed like she may be an ex bargirl so I figured her boyfriend or husband must be sleeping if she’s eating by herself.

I started to film this curiously attractive Filipina girl from afar and considered approaching her but I figure it might be too risky. Could get her into her or myself into trouble. However, she caught me filming her and was writing something on a scrap piece of paper. Soon after she left but handed me the paper on her way out. It contained something that got my heart pounding hard!

It read: “My husband is here, cannot talk, meet me at midnight room 506!”

Fuck yeah! This Filipina girl seemed like a naughty one! I waited impatiently all day and right before midnight, I set off to find room 506. It was an extra floor up from the top and I discovered it was not in use any more. All of the rooms up there were quite dirty, run down and empty. I began to worry, is this a joke or a setup to kill me?!

I decided to enter anyways and there she was completely naked and waiting for me to come! She shushed me to be quiet then got down on her knees and started to suck me off! Man, she was perfect! The fucking was pretty decent too. She ran back down quickly to her husband after I left her with a creamy treat inside. I didn’t even get this cheating Filipina girl’s name! I will sure sleep happy tonight.

Week 12 in Angeles City on my sex vacation

On my 12th week of my Philippine sex vacation in Angeles City, I decided it might be time to head out to Subic soon and see what kind of adventures I could get into there with more Filipina girls. Here’s a compilation of sexual events from the past week.

Felicity: Anal sex with a petite Filipina bar girl

Hey guys!!

Remember the pair of bargirls from last week? I had to choose between Carla and Felicity. I ended up choosing Carla, the one with the killer Filipina girl’s ass and I don’t regret any bit of it. It was a great night of bar girl sex for me! I just couldn’t forget Felicity’s puppy-dog sad faces when she saw me leave with Carla that night. Unfortunately, I had lost her cell number. Note to self: always write Filipina girls phone number on the back of my hand from now on! So I texted Carla to see if she would give me her digits. it must be a jealousy thing because she just wouldn’t give it to me. It took a few days of pestering but she finally gave in and sent me her YM handle. Bingo!

I chatted with Felicity earlier today and she was quite happy to hear from me. She told me how she really wanted to come visit me tonight and that she was on her day off. Felicty is a fantastic Filipina girl! She showed up wearing a sexy tiger pattern shirt with only a gold colored t-back on beneath it! She has such an amazing attitude! I hazard to guess that she’s funner when not working! She danced, teased and put on a nice sexy little show for me.

We started to kiss then she turned into a cock sucking maniac! This tart took my cock as deep as she could and gave me a throat-fucking experience that most Filipina girls cannot do! Immediately I knew what that means. It means she is going to fuck the living tar out of me! Another surprise is that unlike most Filipina girls, she let me have anal sex with her! It was so tight and strong in there! I was quite worried the neighbors might complain because Felicity was screaming so damn hard.

Before Felicity left, she informed me that she plans on returning to see me again really soon. Some day after work, tomorrow or maybe the day after. She made sure I understood that it would happen very soon. Who says you can’t have good friendships with Filipina bar girls? I hope she comes as soon as possible. I’m already lucky as fuck as it stands being able to fuck such a quality Filipina girl without even having to pay her barfine.

Angela: Busty webcam Filipina girl with great big tits and ass

Hot dog, hot dog, hot digidy dog! Angela finally came over to see me today! I’ve been chatting off and on with her for around a month now. She used to only show me her nice big tits but she finally let me see her face last week for the first time. She looks so beautiful and I had to invite her over to play. Today is that day! She’s as beautiful in real life as she was online and was sporting a very beautiful dress. Her big tits are perfect, her face is angelic and her body… wow. Divine! She had these cool little diamond objects on her teeth! We took a few nice pictures and it surprised me how she was being a bit shy.

I showed her my dick, she blushed. hrm, possibly inexperienced? It was quite cute seeing a Filipina girl of her caliber being shy like this. She knew why she was here and we went onto touching each other, kissing then the best part, fucking! She was really good actually! It was mesmerizing to say the least! I always loved it when Filipina girls scream while screwing, it makes me think of Kikai. I got a few more nice shots of her big tits bouncing up and down and also of me slapping her thick Filipina ass. This is definitely going to be a good hardcore sex video for my Filipina girl diary collection.

I gave her my cheap camcorder to take home with her when we were done and she promised to return with it near the end of this week. Hopefully she has some nice homemade Filipina video on it for me before China decides to attack is all over here on the Philippine Islands. I only say that half-jokingly!

Highlights of my 11th Week with Filipina Girls in AC

Hi guys, just a quick entry today. I pre-edited my 11th week highlights video because im expecting Angela to come over and visit tomorrow. I couldn’t be caught off-guard while editing all my dirty work so here you go friends. Hope you are all enjoying my fruits of labor in the Philippines!

Carla: Filipina girl’s ass from the bar

Dear Diary

It was quite a boring day today so I was starting to think that it was time to get out of Angeles City and explore some other Philippine cities. I went barhopping tonight and as luck would have it, I finally found a bar girl who was willing to let me film her. She was a petite, model-looking Filipina girl named Carla. I had a really good time enjoying the nightlife with her and her friend Felicity. Carla showed me how she likes to give blowjobs by making an example with a penis shaped party balloon! Fuck yeah! I couldn’t stop staring at her cute little Filipina ass too.

I really wanted to bring Carla home with me to my hotel and offered them both a few drinks to warm her up to the idea. I’ll return again to pick up Felicity but for tonight, Carla’s the Filipina girl that is on my mind. In the meantime I jotted down Felicity’s cell number. With luck I could get her without having to barfine her. Her ass if just as nice as Carla’s so I definitely have to try my hands at her another time.

At the end of it all I ended up barfining Carla then we headed to my place. She seemed a little bit drunk already so everything was easy once we arrived at my hotel room. She loved to pose for me and I totally fell for her petite little body and little tits. I got so horny banging her tight Filipina girl’s ass. Everything came so natural to her. It feels good to barfine every once in a while. She must have enjoyed my company and had a soft spot (aside from the one I pounded all night) for me because she slept over for the night. To be honest, that’s getting much rarer for Angeles City bar girls these days. Maybe I just have the charm, who knows? Very good night indeed. A boring day turned into a score!

Corazon: My in-real-life sex adventure with a cyber-sex Filipina girl!

Big Tit Filipina Girl Corazan is a Real Life Cyber-Sex Girl

I was chatting with that cyber-sex girl Corazon, the one with nice big boobs, and she agreed to meet me in real life today! She actually showed up, not a moment later, nor a moment earlier. Right on time! She told me that she used to work on webcams professionally as a cybersex Filipina girl but also told me that she still actively works as one now too. You can sometimes never get a straight answer out Filipina girls. They are sometimes scared to tell the truth in fear of shame, regret or just playing the system for what it is. Hat’s off to them, I guess. I don’t mind being played by a counterpart. After-all is said and done, don’t I do the same with these girls to a certain degree?

We went on to get this done like dinner and that’s just how I like it. Fast and to the point. I really loved her nice big boobs. Filipina girls don’t usually have ample bosoms like this so when I do get a pair, I spend special attention to them. Once we started actually fucking, there wasn’t much activity put into it on her part. Some Filipina girls ride like rockets, some just lay there and take it. I wish there was more of a happy medium. Lucky for me, she had lots to feast my eyes on so it was no issue at all. I just think that cyber-sex girls don’t necessarily translate to the real thing as most would think they do.

At the end of the day the experience offered a great blowjob, a good fuck regardless of her miniscule movements and a great dripping raunchy creampie!

A highlight from my 10th week in Angeles City

Highlights from my 10th week with Filipina girls

I made my 10th weekly highlight video of my Philippine sex vacation in Angeles City today. it was definitely a holy AND horny week here! A lot of other mongers around here whine about Filipina girls thinning out around Easter but I still think I did rather well!

Spinner Filipina Girl named Ashley from the mall

Pretty Filipina girl in green and white dress

Dear Friends,

I had great luck yesterday! I met a really cute Filipina girl named Ashley at the mall. She’s got a spinner sized body, delicious little tits and a beautiful smile. She is quite skinny. Exactly my type of Filipina girl. She was waiting around for a friend and while I was talking with her, I took some pics and she told me she would like to pose for more but since she had to wait for her friend and shop some more, We swapped cell phone numbers to text a bit later. She was so cute. I hoped this dainty Filipina girl would text me!

Pretty Filipina girl in green and white dress

I continued shopping but couldn’t find any more Filipina Girl trophies to fuck. So I texted Ashley instead of waiting for her but she didn’t answer me. I really felt like I missed an amazing opportunity. I felt like an idiot. Later on in the evening I got a surprise text from her! That made me very happy. Ashley told me she wouldn’t mind visiting me after work, around 9 o’clock.

She showed up like she said she would but in a very lovely dress that took my breath away. It was great for pictures. I always liked Filipina girls in pretty dresses. Very attractive! She made a very good choice. While taking these pictures, I discovered her truly amazing Filipina spinner body and it made me extremely horny like a Wolf in heat on the first day of spring. She didn’t seem to mind getting more and more naked at all so I was about to make myself ready to take the next step. The anticipation was mounting and I could barely stand it anymore! She cock-blocked me!!! I was astounded. She didn’t want to go this far yet. She seemed to be testing my intentions and to see if I was going to just use her like most of us white guys use Filipina girls around here.

It was already getting late so I asked her is she wanted to sleep over so we can get to know each other more the next morning. I promised I would not touch her. She fell asleep soon after. So far.. so good. I just didn’t know how much longer I could resist touching her panty clad ass. When I said that Ashly is a spinner, I wasn’t kidding! I have never seen a Filipina girl with such a pristine perfect tiny little body in weeks. I couldn’t remember a flaw on her! I really couldn’t sleep! I wanted to turn on the lights and explore her more.

Eventually I did fall asleep but woke up earlier than Ashley. I decided I wanted to touch her and see if she would mind. I slowly started caressing, exploring her tight panty clad butt and ran my hands all over this diving Filipina girl! These spinners are much more vulnerable to sexual advances when first waking up so while I was pulling off her clothes, there was no resistance from my sleeping Filipina girl at all.

I was totally amazed by her beautiful body. Everything was snug as a bug in a rug. The way her ass cheeks wrapped around my white cock was like I was a lad in high school again! I just couldn’t get over it! There is absolutely nothing better than having a little shaved Filipina pussy from an innocent spinner like this sweetheart first thing on a Sunday morning. This was one of the best Sunday morning boom-booms I have had in a very long long time! I think I just fell in love!

9th week of sex in the Philippines!

Highlights of 9th week with my Filipina girls in Angeles City

Since I was so busy fucking that slutty and skinny Filipina girl Daisy from yesterday, I had no time to make my weekly highlight video yesterday. She almost wore me out and I really had to take it easy for the rest of the day to reflect on how damn hot it was fucking that Filipina girl! Not wanting to disappoint any of my fans, I made the highlight of my 9th week of my Philippine sex vacation today.

It’s a brand new month here In Angeles City so I can’t wait to see what other kinds of Filipina girls are waiting to be given the ol’ John Tron white sausage.. stay tuned!

Daisy, my slutty and skinny Filipina girl

Tiny Tits on Skinny Filipina Girl

I was chatting with Daisy yesterday and she agreed to meet me around 9 tonight near the hotel. This Filipina girl is even hotter than I thought! We had a tasty drink and she gave me a lot of dos and don’ts of the Tagalog language and of all things.. about going on a diet. One piece of advice she gave me is to never use ice in your drinks. I never heard of such things before but I am learning something new every day.

I think this girl is really cool. I invited her to my hotel to let me take some pictures of her. Everything was going great, right on queue for my desires until we started to get more into it and it was time to penetrate her very tight dripping Filipina pussy. Jewel insisted I use a condom before putting it inside of her. Not many Filipina girls are this weary of going bareback but none-the-less, I agreed. It is her decision and I must respect her for that. I just don’t like it. I wanted nothing more than to feel her Asian pussy wrapped around my dick and slippery sliding up and down my shaft and the condom takes away that part of it for me.

However, on the upside, I can pound 3 times harder without worry of accidentally ejaculating and shortening the affair. So for that, I am happy because she does have a super-duper tight pussy and this girl is extremely dirty minded. She was a great fuck, even when I gave her my thick facial cumshot, my friendly and skinny Filipina girl loved every drop of it. Maybe that’s why she made me wear a rubber? Maybe it’s so I don’t waste my sperm on her pussy when she really wants it on her face!

Big boob Filipina girl Jewel and her super hairy pussy

Nice big boobson this Filipina girl

I was checking out the largest church in Angeles City today called Santa Rosario. It was built by Spaniards in the 19th century. The place is stunning! Apparently there will be a special celebration for Easter on Friday. Even a live crucifixion! I’ll make sure to see that! On my way out though, I ended up meeting a Filipina girl with nice big jiggly boobs that got me interested. This chubby girl was there to pray and I was praying to get to know her a little more.

Religious Filipina girls are a bit harder to gain their confidence in you but I just took my time and talked easy with her. After a bit I figured she’d be ok to join me for more chatter at a cafe. So we hopped in a Trike and went. I loved how her large pair of Filipina girls kept jiggling with each bump. I prayed they would fall out of her shirt.. haha!

After while is started to get dark and I invited her to come over to my room. I guess being nice, sincere and gentle with her went a long way in gaining more of her confidence in my intentions. She agreed to come to my room and after many of my usual tricks that I employ to get Filipina girls naked; such as telling her how cute she is, being funny and acting like a professional photographer and before long things were getting really heated! I really love this chubby Filipina girl’s super hairy pussy! Such a warm, wet Filipina pussy that felt amazing to fondle!

I couldn’t stop touching her. I got her so horny and as shy, religious and polite as she is, her naughty sexual side came roaring to the surface when we got into some hardcore sex action! She was so awesome to spend time with, clothed or naked and she was an absolutely great fuck! I am really happy with this Filipina girl trophy!

Highlights from week #8 of my Philippine Sex Vacation

Highlights of Week 8 with more Unique Filipina Girls

I edited another one of my infamous highlight videos for you today and couldn’t wait to share it with you. Although, I have to admit, the past week has worn me out quite a bit. On my 8th week in Angeles City on my Philippine sex vacation, I find myself wondering how I have managed to screw 22 different Filipina girls so easily. I can;t help but chuckle knowing that some of them were in multiples and not just one at a time!

I enjoy every minute of mongering for as many Filipina girls as I can regardless of getting tired. It’s nothing that a few good nights of rest can’t cure for me. I am quite excited to see what else is in store for me over here. Enjoy the highlights of the past week and remember, there’s lots more video where this came from!

Pretty Filipina Girl Nhei returned for a good fuck

Nice perky Filipina GIrl in pigtails

Remember that pretty girl Nhei whom came for a photo session and boom-boom? She came over today as promised. She was all dressed up like a little tart and I can say she looked very delicious! With her red hair in two ponytails and a flashy colored top and skirt, this pretty Filipina girl made me horny as hell.

Maybe it was just her way of looking like a ditzy teen or to seem silly. Either way, it was quite cute. She’s really not a naughty one and not even all that horny in her demeanor but it’s just how she looks that does it for me. I had a great time fucking her brains out again and somehow, I hope there would be a next time. SEE ALL HER PICTURES AND VIDEO INSIDE MY OFFICIAL SITE and enjoy her petite Filipina teen body in many angles, lots of hot positions that really show off her tight figure and of course, see how nicely her wet Filipina pussy wrapped around my cock!

Fucking Grace, a mute Filipina girl with big tits!

A Mute Filipina Girl with Big Tits named Grace

Hi guys, I’m going to tell you a true story about meeting my Filipina girl Grace and fucking her within minutes of waking up to her at the door.

I got a message yesterday from the girl that I met on Clark during my first week here in the Philippines. She wanted to come see me today so I became quite surprised when she showed up at 9am sharp while I was still asleep. She also brought along another Filipina girl with big tits named grace. I already wanted to fuck her and I wasn’t even fully awake yet. This is just how things roll around here when in the Philippines on a sex vacation, folks.

The real surprise was when I discovered that Grace is a mute Filipina girl. That got me very curious, excited and wanting to fuck her brains out even more! Sheila asked me for some canteen money so I immediately gave it to her just so I could get rid of her and have some fun with her friend with big tits!

grace seemed a little shy at first but followed everything I did with her. She never missed a beat. Right then I knew she really wanted this badly. I wanted to see this Filipina girl’s big tits bouncing above me while riding my white cock more than anything. She really had nice big tits, that’s for sure and she was even a bit naughty, which I really liked. This is definitely a boom-boom to remember. I love morning sex, especially when well endowed like this Filipina girl is. By the time Sheila returned, Grace let on as if nothing happened. Not that she would “say” much to her anyways, pun intended.