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Skinny sex slut made my Filipina girl dreams cum true!

I’ll never forget this day. I was walking around and came upon this beauty Filipina girl in uniform waiting. To me, she looked friendly, so I approached and after making a conversation with her, I learned she was on lay over in town here before flying home to Cebu tomorrow.

I also had a feeling she was not only here on lay over, but also because she wanted to get laid, over and over. And that is just what we did. I came in her shaved Filipina girl pussy pocket 4 fucking times in one session! Yes, seriously! So much so that I had to upload two parts of her update!


Jane: I was lost then this hairy Filipina girl found me!

I decided to check out a BBQ place close to Fuentes Circle. I heard about this place being great but I honestly could not find it and got lost! Imagine being in the middle of a Philippine back road not knowing where you are. My fears quickly turned to excitement when I saw a girl nearby and I decided to see what was up so I could find my way out of here. I couldn’t really see her well but she was friendly and offered to show me the way to the BBQ herself.


What is Filipina Sex Diary?

After being in the Philippines since February, I have amassed many trophy girls, collected many privately shot scenes (by yours truly) that I felt it was time to give a little intro explaining what my site is about and how to use my diary. You’ll get to meet many of my Filipina girls as well as watch the various scandals these girls get themselves into with my white foreign cock.


Horny Filipina girl Mitch wanted sex too!

Mitch promised me yesterday that she’d get with me to spend some time taking pictures. She texted me this morning to meet her for coffee in Robinson Mall. She actually kept her word and showed up! I like that in Filipina girls. She’s most likely just jealous of my time with Honeybabes and wants to experience a good time too.


Found Honeybabes at Fort San Pedro today

Dear Diary,

I was sightseeing at Fort San Pedro today and ran into a pair ot sexy girls taking pics of themselves. I offered to help and got to talking with them. One Filipina girl was Honeybabes and the other Mitch.


Highlights from week 16 on my Filipina girl sex vacation

Hi friends!

I decided to stay in today as I do for most days that I make Filipina girl highlight videos. I had a busy weekend with a few tasty Filipina girls anyways so it’s time to let John Jr. rest some! I am really having a good time here and can’t wait to see what happens next! Enjoy the video my friends!


Vincenikki’s busty sister Carlyn got fucked too!

Hey guys!

Vincenikki‘s cute and busty sister Carlyn texted me asking to meet me for some fun in secret. She really did not want her sister to know so I kept it hush-hush. Well, as hush-hush as an internet diary can be! hehe! Anyways, I knew what that meant for me, I’d get to see those big tits and get my dick wet. I wish I could fuck both sisters together but I really should not complain. I’m still luckier than most anyways, right? We met for a quick drink and ended up back at my hotel quite soon there-after. We made some sexy pictures and of course my horny dick was awake for the occasion. I had her wet, slutty and full of dick within 20 minutes. She was a great chubby Filipina girl to fuck. It was definitely a perfect way to spend a hot lazy Saturday filming for my private diary!

If you have never seen any of my videos yet, you should really watch the one above. Or better yet, check out more updates at my private site:


Vincenikki gets anal for her little bubble butt ass!

While visiting Basilica Minore del Santo Nino today, I saw two Filipina girls lighting candles. I was drawn to them already! One was a smaller innocent looking one while the other was a delicious chubby Filipina girl.


Highlighs week 15: Virgin & a Milf!

Hey friends! it has been 2 weeks in Cebu so far. That’s 15 weeks total on my Philippine sex vacation to I put together another highlights videos showcasing my Filipina girl’s from the past week’s conquests. I not only fulfilled my dreams of fucking Filipina twins this week before but this week I also had my way with a true-to-honest virgin Filipina girl too!

Then there was that experienced Milf the night before. Wow. What a week it has been! I look forward to more Filipina girls now that I am in Cebu!

Manilen: My virgin Filipina girl dreams finally came true!

Finally! I had my hot date with that virgin Filipina girl Manilen today! We met in Circle Park. No joking at all, she was there waiting for me to come make her own dreams come true! She’s a bit chubby, not really cure and looks like a nerd but a real Filipina virgin is what I wanted! She never had a boyfriend, never kissed or anything before!

I literally had to show her everything. After getting her naked I did realize that her body was not that bad looking at all. I had to explain and show her the proper way to give a blowjob but she has a great learning curve. Licking this virgin Filipina girl’s wet pussy was especially nice. Tasted so good! I carefully pushed my dick in and took real care not to hurt her. Oh my what pleasure! I deeper I pushed in, the more enjoyable it became! Her delicate flower was finally being deflowered! I noticed some blood and that was proof for me that she was being real. She is actually a real cherrygirl virgin!

Manilen and I fucked in all possible positions. She really seemed to like it! I asked her if she would come back again. She agreed then passed out next to me. She’s sleeping sound as I write this now. Maybe I can try to get some more in the morning but she is a self-proclaimed Christian girl so it’s hard to promise. They tend to not fuck on Sundays! I’ll get some sleep after this video finishes uploading and see what happens in the morning.

Irish: An experienced Milf to prepare for tomorrow’s virgin date!

Many have told me that Mango Square is the best hotspot for freelancers in Cebu since there are many discos and bars nearby. The bargirls tend to hit the Square to have some fun, drinks and a special friend to treat them to an evening of sex and spoils. I was just arriving there when I already spotted a horny looking Filipina girl there waiting. She was plainly a Milf and after so many younger girls as of late, expecting a real virgin Filipina girl tomorrow and wanting some action now, I knew she would be a great experienced pussy to play with tonight. She goes by the name Irish. This is going to be fun!

She has lug-wrench eyes, the kind that tighten your balls the second you look into them!

After a drink at a new disco in Mango Square, I didn’t want to waste any time with this Filipina girl so off to my room we went. I got exactly what I was expecting. Good and hard Milf sex! She fulfilled everything I needed tonight. I even came twice inside of her! Then she went home so I could sleep and dream about my virgin date tomorrow!

Fucked slightly chubby Filipina girl Michelle twice in a row!!

Dear Diary,

I started this day off by walking around town and trying to find a Filipina girl to have fun with. It took me quite awhile find my target til a lazy looking Filipina girl wearing a blue dress passed me by so I started to follow her a bit. She’s not the most beautiful girl but sometimes I just like normal-looking types of girls like her. She was a little bit on the chubby side and but she really had a nice face with a bit of Japanese style to her looks. I talked with her a bit as we walked together and mentioned about us making some pictures together and she really seemed to like the idea. She’s probably just one of those girls who are waiting for a foreigner like me to come on to her.

We headed to my hotel room where we shot some pictures but it was quite obvious that we would end up doing what I always end up doing with these Filipina girls but she actually ended up reacting badly when I inquired to see her underwear. I was starting to think I was wrong about where this was all going! However, she didn’t mind showing me her boobs at all. Which meant.. the game was on again! I licked her nipples, which only made it so she could not resist grabbing onto my dick and sucking me! She really did give a nice blowjob!!! She’s a real hot-blooded cock lover and there is no stopping this Filipina girl now. She made me so horny and excited that I stuffed my cock in her doggiestyle and came within 5 minutes. How embarrassing. Look at her though, could you blame me? Obviously 5 minutes alone with her was not enough so I had to fuck her again!

During the second round I tried to fuck her in the ass but it was very obvious that she wasn’t into it at all so to finish her off off I gave her another creampie load inside of her nice little tight hairy pussy! My legs are some sore now. Haha.

Highlights of week 14 on Filipina girl sex vacation

Dear Diary,

This week started with an invitation from a virgin in Cebu desperately looking for a foreigner to pop her cherry. Every man has dreams and fantasies. Mine are to fuck virgins and twins! So of course, I took the first flight off to Cebu! Even when on my flight, I couldn’t help myself from secretly videotaping the stewardess in their cute uniforms.

In Cebu, the bars are less popular and easy as in Angeles City. I learned that the best way to monger is to just walk around in parks and shopping malls and then maybe go out to discos later. So the first day there I went to a park close to Mango Square where I met a lovely Filipina girl Veronica! We had a nice chat and went to eat at Jollibee. This girl was clearly looking for a foreigner to catch her so I invited her to my room for the usual photo shoot that ended up in fucking, as expected!

The second plan was to visit a shopping mall and there is where I got even more luck when I discovered the two beautiful Twin Filipina girls Erika and Brenda. We had a great time together and agreed to meet the next day. Totally unexpected, this time it went on and on without any work on my part to fulfill one of my biggest dreams ever, to fuck a pair of twin sisters!

I don’t want to complain, that’s one of my fantasies covered right there, but I still hope that the virgin will show up next week to make ALL my dreams come true!

OMFG! Fucked a pair of excitable Filipina twin sisters!!!

Dear Diary,

I went to the biggest mall here in Cebu, Ayala mall, to buy some new jeans and shoes but while browsing, I noticed two Filipina girls walking and from the behind they looked quite similar. I followed them for a while to see if they were twins or not. I’ve dreamed my whole life about fucking twin Filipina sisters together at the same time and those two looked really cute to me. They were both a little chubby but that’s perfect for me anyways because chubby girls seem to be more horny and wild. I followed the pair until they walked outside the mall and that’s when I knew that I had to make my move!

Twin Filipina Girls pose for me in my hotel room in cute dresses

They were indeed real twins! Brenda and Erika are only 18 years old. They were very friendly and admitted that they knew I was following them all along. They weren’t afraid at all and were happy to join me for some food on a little impromptu dinner date at Friday’s. So far so good! We had a nice talk about what life’s like being twins and whatnot. I wanted to invite them over to my hotel right then but I had two major problems getting in the way. I was expecting the virgin Manilen to text me tonight and maybe come over for some fun. Also, it was quite late at night anyways and I much prefer taking pictures in daylight so my viewers get better quality photos to pour over, especially if I have twins. We agreed to meet again today here at my hotel room. I hoped that my life-long fantasy would finally come true!

The twins did come over as promised today and they were cute matching dresses with sexy heels. One was in blue and the other one in red. I got so damn horny right from the first view of them at my doorway! We began by taking some pictures and from there I really felt that these two Filipina girls were into doing a lot more dirty stuff with me. We talked openly about their ex boyfriends, having sex and anything else that seemed to turn me on even more. So far so good. I was so excited in anticipation by this point that if the whole thing fell through I think I would cry! Getting them to take their clothes off was way too easy! That’s when I finally got it into my head, this was happening, I am finally having my dream come true of fucking two Filipina twin girls at once!

Once naked, I told them that I wanted to be naked with them too. Their smiles were bright and big enough to tell me that right at that moment, it was time for action! Wow! Man, I have never done anything that got me this horny before. Unreal! Two adorable little Filipina girls who are twin sisters licking my balls, then while fucking one, her twin pleasing me in other ways. Then vice versa! Totally wild!

I wanted to cum inside both of their pussies but I couldn’t choose which one to fill up! So I came all over their pretty faces instead. What a feast they had! This was for sure one of the best fucks of my entire Philippine sex vacation so far and it’s going to be very difficult to find more Filipina girls, let alone twins, to top this one! Thank you Cebu!

In Cebu!! Chubby Filipina girl Veronica from Circle Park

Dear Diary,

I finally made it to Cebu yesterday and for today I decided to take a walk down to Circle Point. It’s a little park that I was told about online where lots of local lonely Filipina girls like to hang out and meet foreign vacationers like me.

It’s quite close to Mango Square, which is another hot spot for finding Filipina girls in Cebu. It’s usually best to monger for pussy late at night but I wanted to go during the daytime so when I arrive it seemed quite empty. I was about to head back home when I saw a girl sitting by herself to I decided to try my luck with her.

For some reason, the moment I met her, I knew this would work out good. She’s no super-beauty queen or anything but she is still a nice looking lady. I don’t always need stunners to get myself horny for some action. She seemed quite warm-hearted and genuine. Very nice smile. I was starting to get hungry so I invited her out to grab lunch with me. As per usual with most Filipina girls, she suggested Jollibee’s.

I really don’t like that place but for this to work out and make her feel comfortable I agreed to it. She’ll surely be more likely to join me in my room if I take her out some place she likes, right? Sure enough we ended up back at my hotel room shortly afterwards and I got exactly what i expected, a good and horny chubby Filipina girl that loved to fuck!

For being my first girl in Cebu, I have to say she was a good way to get started here! I truly loved how she licked my balls and fucked me in all my favorite positions and took directions like a good girl! Obvious after something like this I had to cum deep inside of her. She went home afterwards but told me I could text her any time that I wanted. Surprisingly, she never even asked me for money. Very odd. I won’t complain!

3 Months of Filipina girls on my Philippine Sex Vacation

Dear Diary,

To celebrate 3 months over here on my Philippine sex vacation, I have this time created a collage of scenes with all my Filipina girls to date. It’s very hard to imagine that I’ve screwed so many of these tight little LBFMs already since arriving her in February but I did and I have all the proof.. on video! I look forward to what this month (and beyond) brings me so as I am preparing for my trip to Cebu tomorrow, wish me the best of luck my friends!

Now I am going offline early tonight to rest up before my journey tomorrow. Until next time, enjoy this video and remember to visit Filipina Sex Diary for more updates and girls than are featured on here.