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Visited the lively Panpan morning market today

I woke up at what I like to call “bird time”. That’s 5am and it’s quite early. Some people were still crawling home from their barhopping adventures by the time I was heading out to visit the Panpan morning market. It’s a place where you’ll usually only find local Filipino folk here because of how early it is. I really enjoyed all the produce and booth that were there. It’s a very lively place to shop, have breakfast and just take it easy.

I immediately went back to bed once I got home and decided to do some barhopping myself on Fields Ave around 10pm. I even brought home a Filipina barfine but she would not let me film or photograph her at all! That’s ok because you are not missing much anyways. I’m going back to bed now that she’s gone and I enjoyed my touristy pictures from the morning market. I uploaded some here for you to see as well.

Fine ass Filipina girl Veregit came out to play

After much texting, Veregit agreed to meeting on Fields Ave tonight. I was extremely excited to meet this Filipina girl in real life. We met on a corner somwehere on Fields by the McDonalds. Sure enough, there she was! For being a Filipina it’s amazing at how on-time she was too! She looked absolutely great! Not as sexy as I thought (webcams have a nasty habbit of making a girl look better) but I was quite happy anyways.

We wanted to go do some barhopping but after visiting just one establishment I already wanted to fuck her. I was sporting a major erection the whole time and I had to do something about this. She accepted my offer to go back to my hotel quite quickly and we started fucking nearly the moment we entered the hotel room. What an awesome, wild and deep fuck it was!

Her petite body was divine and that perfect little round Filipina girl’s ass had me thoroughly enjoying the doggiestyle fucking! She was a bit on the quiet side but I bet it’s because she was stick in shock and awe of my white cock! haha

From Fields Ave: Filipina freelance sex with Arcel

I wanted to go over to Fields Avenue tonight to see if I could do some hard partying and barhopping then take a sexy bargirl home for the night. I think it’s a good release every one in awhile. However, I ended up renting a short time hotel with a cute filipina girl with an amazing petite body naked Arcel that I met walking up Fields. She’s probably a freelance sex worker looking for some extra pesos.

Once we arrived at my room I realized she was quite shy and was constantly texting, getting grumpy and in just a general foul mood. She finally admitted why she was being so quiet and preoccupied. She got into an argument with someone earlier and it really bummed her out. That explains why my Filipina girl fresh from Fields ave was being so distant. Since she was in an already bad mood I had to secretly film us getting down to some freelance sex acts with Arcel. Eventually she caught me of course but that didn’t stop anything. I guess that having sex cheered her up and made her happy so she let me continue filming and taking pictures.

All in all it was great freelance sex with this fields avenue Filipina girl! I absolutely love petite Filipinas like her! She actually fell fast asleep after her shower so I decided to let her stay as long as she needs. I’m writing this entry as she quietly snoozes away beside me right now! Hopefully the short term hotel rental fees aren’t going to be too much once it turns into an overnight stay should she decided to sleep it all off overnight.

A bit hung over but here’s Mhine’s soft warm morning tits!

Good morning guys! What a night last night! I am still feeling a little tipsy but maybe that’s just from a nice wake-n-fuck with Mhine this morning! I never thought she’d stick around long enough for round two, boy was I surprised and happy! When I woke up I couldn’t help but want to play with her beautiful full Filipina tits and wanted to get them on camera for my diary so I turned the camcorder on and started to massage her warm plush bargirl tits while she was sleeping and then slowly woke her up into a fevered horny romp.

She let me play around with her on camera for a bit but none of the actual fucking. Hey, at least I got some proof on video of taking this beautiful bargirl with nice tits home with me last night from Fields Ave. haha.

Massaging bargirls plush tits in morning

Slowly massaging Mhine's warm bargirl tits first thing in the morning. Mmm.

I’m quite sore right now and it’s only been about an hour since Mhine left.  The rest of the day is going to be pretty uneventful I think. Will head out to try a few take-outs and stands that I haven’t tried yet and maybe hang around home to watch a few movies.

Picked up bargirl with nice tits on Fields Ave

Hi friends. I went out tonight to visit a few bars located on Fields Ave. I had a really good time. Good cheap drinks, lots of fresh faces and even lots of Asian tourists enjoying the night life too. I picked up a nice girl that goes by the name Mhine tonight and she has a great set of tits that I wanted to get a little more personal with. She wouldn’t let me film us making boom-boom but that’s ok, I guess. She’s most likely been in the biz long enough now to know the score. Oh.. here’s a pic I snapped of her and another girl at the bar. Good dancers!

Barhopping and saw these bargirls dancing

Picture of a Bargirl I picked up from Fields Ave tonight. She's now alseep in my bed too!

I’m still kind of drunk. Good times 🙂 Back to bed for this white boy.. I’ll fill you guys in more when I get up and shake the cob-webs loose tomorrow. Cheers!