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May has a homemade Filipina masturbation vid and bad news for me

Today is bitter sweet for me. On the up-hand, Rebecka’s friend May came over to drop the homemade Filipina masturbation video she made with my cheap camcorder that I lend out. She only stayed about 5 minutes and seemed in a rush. I asked her about Rebecka since I had not heard from her in a while. After hesitating she finally told me the bad news that she has a Filipino boyfriend and left it at that. I am quite sad right now. I really wanted her to be my Filipina girlfriend and now I’m guessing she can’t since she has a boyfriend. Typical over here… uhg.

May's homemade amateur filipina masturbation video

The good news is, like I said, May brought me a nice amateur homemade Filipina masturbation video for me to enjoy! I am quite happy with this one. She loves to fondle and finger fuck her wet Filipina pussy, that’s for sure! haha Well since Rebecka is a fall-through I should probably get in touch with My Filipina Girlfriend Anabel and see what’s up? Meh.. naw!!!

My bitchy Filipina girlfriend left me after dinner!

Dear Diary,

I took Anabel out to a much fancier restaurant earlier in the day and with that I was hoping that it would entice her into much better and harder boom-boom this evening but strangely, Anabel wanted to go right home after finishing up our delicious $100 meal. I kind of hate her for that right now. She did promise that she would come visit me tomorrow morning but by the ways hew as acting I thinks he won’t show up. That will make is so much easier to break up with her. There’s much more appreciative Filipina girls out there.

Out for dinner with a bitchy Filipina girlfriend Anabel

My Filipina girlfriend Anabel was being very bitchy during our $100 dinner then went home right afterwards. I want to break up with her so darn bad right about now!!!

It was all a blessing in disguise because it left me plenty of time to chat with a pretty Filipina girl named Veregit that I met on a dating site recently. She is one hell of an irresistible cute Filipina girl that is alluring and knows how to tease like the best of them until my cock becomes hard as a rock and throbbing for some wet Filipina pussy to pound! I can’t wait to see how far I can take this.

My Filipina girlfriend Anabel visits for a fuck

Dear Diary,

Anabel had texted and said she wants to come visit me today. I had a little surprise for her actually. She she got her I gave it to her. I really don’t know why but I guess it feels like she’s starting to become my Filipina girlfriend or at best, the closest thing to ever having one. I will keep it this way for the time being because it makes me hornier knowing that I’m cheating when I fuck other girls.

Gift for my sexy filipina girl anabel so she would fuck me

My filipina girl Anabel came over today and I gave her a gift since she is the closest thing to being a Filipina girlfriend and she let me videotape us having sex in my second hotelroom.

After she took my gift she was so much more agreeable to letting me film us together while I make boom-boom with her. She’s clearly no longer shy about all the filming I do with her. I had to start meeting her in another hotel lately because she’s my one Filipina girl that shows up randomly to check out what I am doing. This could start getting expensive having a girlfriend in the Philippines!

Week 3 of sexual adventures with my Filipina girls

Welcome to week three’s highlights video. It’s fun for me putting these together to showcase my highlights and worth it in the end. It was another fantastic week here on my Philippine Sex Vacation in Angeles City! It seems to get better and better with each week that I am here!

Starting off, Valentine’s Day usually makes me a bit romantic so I actually bought My Filipina Girlfriend Anabel a gift. This sign of heart weakness actually opened up the door up to finally shoot a full Filipina sex video with Anabel in her full glory. Jackpot! Kindness does pay off, my friends.

Then there was Nhei who I found one sunny day while out on a rental bike and Ethel who played sweetly with my white cock. I decided to honor her efforts with a Johann Sebastian Back Girls n Music piece I posted about her amazing Filipina handjob. I hope you are enjoying my adventures here my friends. Don’t forget to bookmark this blog for daily updates and then…

Boom-Boom this morning with my Filipina girl Anabel

Dear Diary,

After Anabel and I had a great Valentine’s Day date last night, we made some boom-boom and finally, she let me film all of it! She was a great fuck even if My Filipina girl Anabel isn’t all that skilled at boom-boom. I really liked how she warms up and fondles her own wet Filipina pussy to make sure it’s adequately wet before I play with her. She really wanted me to cum inside of her and that succeeded in making me extremely horny to do it for her! I was so happy that I think I will invite her out for another date again soon!

After she went home I headed out to get some brunch and took a well deserved nap for the whole afternoon. My Filipina girl Anabel wore me out I think. haha. I spent more of the evening at the bars on the strips but I was stupid and didn’t think to bring my cam with me. Until next time. Thank you to my friends for following my adventures!

Valentines Day date in the Philippines with Anabel

Valentines day date with my Filipina girl anabel

While In the Philippines on Vacation, I go out on a Valentines Day date with Anabel then we went home to take sexy pictures once back at my hotel. She had a really good time tonight

I met up with Anabel to go on a dinner date. I bought her something for Valentine’s Day. Invited her out for a Japanese meal at a nice restaurant and gave her the Valentine’s Day present. It was a small pink teddy bear! She was so very happy with it. I think i was finally able to break the ice with her! I was hoping that she’d let me film us afterwards since she was starting to warm up to me more.

As they just enjoy rice, some chicken or Jollibee, Anabel being a Filipina and eating sushi was a serious experience for her. I was thinking that this can turn into a pretty interesting and funny evening for sure. It has been! Of course she didn’t care much for the sushi. Ah well..

We had many laughs together anyways and I am very happy to be spending Valentine’s Day out with my date in the Philippines! I really love it here. It’s almost magical the way you can have such a good time with any girl that you pay attention to and make a connection to.

Later on in the evening we went back to my hotel room and took some pics but we were way too tired to get onto some boom-boom action so we decided to wait until the morning came around. So after this post I am off to bed with her. I can’t wait to snuggle her and wake up to her petite Filipina body again. I’m sure thing’s will be much more exciting then!

Until then, here are some pictures that I took once we got back. Take care my friend.

Anabel made a surprise visit and I finally fucked her!

While minding my own affairs today I just had a surprise visit from Anabel that not only changed my mood for the day but I think I now have a steady girlfriend? She acted a little crazy. I mean, last Saturday she seemed quite distant and uninterested. Then called later on to setup a Valentines day date. I sometimes chuckle that maybe the girl is on drugs but then again, sometimes shyness can make a girl seem a bit off until they get real comfortable.

So shortly after showing up by surprise she seemed to act as if she’s known me for years. maybe it’s from being behind closed doors, no onlookers and she had very little chance of embarrassment in public. I don’t know but I took full advantage of the situation and gave her a real good fuck! She wouldn’t let me film any of it but I managed to do it anyways by kind of hiding the camcorder.

Secret footage of my fuck with my new Filipina girlfriend Anabel

Doesn’t she have the most lovely little Filipina ass?? After we were finished that’s when she told me she wants to be my girlfriend. I think she’s a bit off her rocker but I’ll see where it goes with her being my Filipina girlfriend anyways 🙂

Lunch date with Anabel at Jollibee

After convincing Anabel to meet up at the SM mall today for a dinner date, I realized not all of these pretty Filipina girls are comfortable with me videotaping and photographing all my encounters with them. She was rather shy about the whole ordeal but she seemed a good sport about it anyways. She definitely looks a lot better in person now than she did on the webcam.

Having lunch on a date with Anabel at Jillibee in SM mall

We were at a place called Jollibee in the picture above. It’s like a Philippine version of what McDonald’s is in Europe. After having a bite to eat we did a little bit of shopping. I figured I would ask her to come join me at my hotel to hang out for a bit but she seemed very uninterested in anything. I actually think that maybe she didn’t much care for me. 🙁

Chatting with Anabel

I got to chat with a pretty Filipina girl today named Anabel. Hope to get to meet her soon and see where it goes.