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Maymay, the skinny Filipina girl with soft perfect ass

I went on a date with my lovely Filipina girl friend Maymay in Manila today. She’s a girl I met on a Filipina dating site. She never used make-up, no special clothes either and just showed up at my hotel room. A girl like this doesn’t need a visual introduction anyways, look at her, she’s beautiful when naked!

I loved her skinny Filipina girl body right from the start. Her smile, dark skin and even the way she talked. It was so horny sounding! At least to me, anyways.


Cute and busty Filipina girl named Menchie

I’ve heard the little complaints from some of the members on my Filipina girl diary about he fact that I am not walking around anymore to look for girls. Yes it’s true, I became a little lazy because of Laiza’s, Ann’s and Shiela’s daily pussy deliveries 🙂 So today, I decided to do some shopping in the big Mall close to my hotel. I was walking around buying food when I saw the girl of my dreams: A petite, korean-style girl in the same department store. I started to follow her and it was clear that she as all alone. Guys, that is always a good sign… she’s probably bored, just had a fight at home or feels lonely… time for action! But in this case, it was even better, she started to follow me!


3way Filipina girls – can life get any better?

I have been chatting with Ann for a few days and I really do think she is in love with me. She never stops texting me. I wish I was able to commit to a girl like that but I don’t see it happening any time soon. I’m too free spirited and on my mission. Still. I am very happy that I got to know her beautiful soul.


Hardcore Filipina girls threesome in hotel

Does everyone remember Shiela? I met her a while back in February at Clark. She’s one of my first featured Filipina girls and is my first outdoor adventure since over here. We keep in touch via text and I have always been hoping to meet her twin sister. She finally got in touch a few days ago and I pretended to be busy. Then she offered to introduce me to a cute Filipina girl that she is friends with.


Surprise! Laiza’s sisters are now my Filipina girls too! Wow!

Laiza brought me over her two amazing sisters. They were waiting for me in the lobby at my hotel and I was happy to see them again for obvious reasons. Once inside my hotel room, I didn’t really expect anything to happen until Laiza asked me if I wanted to “do it” now. Of course, I said “yes”, while not knowing for sure if I understood her well enough about what she was referring to. After about 5 seconds it was very clear that she was really talking about me having a Filipina girl threesome with her two sisters right here and now.


Vincenikki gets anal for her little bubble butt ass!

While visiting Basilica Minore del Santo Nino today, I saw two Filipina girls lighting candles. I was drawn to them already! One was a smaller innocent looking one while the other was a delicious chubby Filipina girl.


Manilen: My virgin Filipina girl dreams finally came true!

Finally! I had my hot date with that virgin Filipina girl Manilen today! We met in Circle Park. No joking at all, she was there waiting for me to come make her own dreams come true! She’s a bit chubby, not really cure and looks like a nerd but a real Filipina virgin is what I wanted! She never had a boyfriend, never kissed or anything before!

I literally had to show her everything. After getting her naked I did realize that her body was not that bad looking at all. I had to explain and show her the proper way to give a blowjob but she has a great learning curve. Licking this virgin Filipina girl’s wet pussy was especially nice. Tasted so good! I carefully pushed my dick in and took real care not to hurt her. Oh my what pleasure! I deeper I pushed in, the more enjoyable it became! Her delicate flower was finally being deflowered! I noticed some blood and that was proof for me that she was being real. She is actually a real cherrygirl virgin!

Manilen and I fucked in all possible positions. She really seemed to like it! I asked her if she would come back again. She agreed then passed out next to me. She’s sleeping sound as I write this now. Maybe I can try to get some more in the morning but she is a self-proclaimed Christian girl so it’s hard to promise. They tend to not fuck on Sundays! I’ll get some sleep after this video finishes uploading and see what happens in the morning.

OMFG! Fucked a pair of excitable Filipina twin sisters!!!

Dear Diary,

I went to the biggest mall here in Cebu, Ayala mall, to buy some new jeans and shoes but while browsing, I noticed two Filipina girls walking and from the behind they looked quite similar. I followed them for a while to see if they were twins or not. I’ve dreamed my whole life about fucking twin Filipina sisters together at the same time and those two looked really cute to me. They were both a little chubby but that’s perfect for me anyways because chubby girls seem to be more horny and wild. I followed the pair until they walked outside the mall and that’s when I knew that I had to make my move!

Twin Filipina Girls pose for me in my hotel room in cute dresses

They were indeed real twins! Brenda and Erika are only 18 years old. They were very friendly and admitted that they knew I was following them all along. They weren’t afraid at all and were happy to join me for some food on a little impromptu dinner date at Friday’s. So far so good! We had a nice talk about what life’s like being twins and whatnot. I wanted to invite them over to my hotel right then but I had two major problems getting in the way. I was expecting the virgin Manilen to text me tonight and maybe come over for some fun. Also, it was quite late at night anyways and I much prefer taking pictures in daylight so my viewers get better quality photos to pour over, especially if I have twins. We agreed to meet again today here at my hotel room. I hoped that my life-long fantasy would finally come true!

The twins did come over as promised today and they were cute matching dresses with sexy heels. One was in blue and the other one in red. I got so damn horny right from the first view of them at my doorway! We began by taking some pictures and from there I really felt that these two Filipina girls were into doing a lot more dirty stuff with me. We talked openly about their ex boyfriends, having sex and anything else that seemed to turn me on even more. So far so good. I was so excited in anticipation by this point that if the whole thing fell through I think I would cry! Getting them to take their clothes off was way too easy! That’s when I finally got it into my head, this was happening, I am finally having my dream come true of fucking two Filipina twin girls at once!

Once naked, I told them that I wanted to be naked with them too. Their smiles were bright and big enough to tell me that right at that moment, it was time for action! Wow! Man, I have never done anything that got me this horny before. Unreal! Two adorable little Filipina girls who are twin sisters licking my balls, then while fucking one, her twin pleasing me in other ways. Then vice versa! Totally wild!

I wanted to cum inside both of their pussies but I couldn’t choose which one to fill up! So I came all over their pretty faces instead. What a feast they had! This was for sure one of the best fucks of my entire Philippine sex vacation so far and it’s going to be very difficult to find more Filipina girls, let alone twins, to top this one! Thank you Cebu!

Pretty Filipina Girl Nhei returned for a good fuck

Nice perky Filipina GIrl in pigtails

Remember that pretty girl Nhei whom came for a photo session and boom-boom? She came over today as promised. She was all dressed up like a little tart and I can say she looked very delicious! With her red hair in two ponytails and a flashy colored top and skirt, this pretty Filipina girl made me horny as hell.

Maybe it was just her way of looking like a ditzy teen or to seem silly. Either way, it was quite cute. She’s really not a naughty one and not even all that horny in her demeanor but it’s just how she looks that does it for me. I had a great time fucking her brains out again and somehow, I hope there would be a next time. SEE ALL HER PICTURES AND VIDEO INSIDE MY OFFICIAL SITE and enjoy her petite Filipina teen body in many angles, lots of hot positions that really show off her tight figure and of course, see how nicely her wet Filipina pussy wrapped around my cock!

I fucked My cute redhead Filipina girl from yesterday!

Hello my friends! I ended up meeting my cute Filipina girl that was texting in the lobby yesterday within minutes of waking up today!!

I woke up, stretched, scratched my white balls and took a peak out the window to see what’s lurking down at the pool. To my surprise it’s the same cute Filipina girl I saw texting yesterday! I took right off downstairs with my video camera still rolling and went to talk to her. Eventually she told me she was on a vacation with her parents and that they were all staying in my hotel! Jackpot!!!! She’s freshly 18 so that means I have to work my charm to see if I can fuck this cute Filipina teen ASAP!

While chatting with her I took pictures of her at poolside and sensed she may be into more so I asked her to join me back at my room. I could tell she was bored as hell sitting there texting so I figured she’d be up for some excitement.

There’s something very exciting about Analyn. I just could not put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the fact that her family is only a floor under me and I have a big chance of some secret sex with a fun 18year old Filipina teen trying to dull the pain of a boring holiday. If she only knew how my Philippine vacation was nowhere near boring at all! haha

This is one cute redheaded Filipina girl that fucked like a wild animal!! Wow! She literally begged and was screaming to fuck her hairy Filipina pussy deeper, harder and deeper still! I was giving her all I got and I swear she wanted more! This is one Filipina teen that unleashed a hardcore sex experience like no other after playing around with so many pretend Filipina virgins! I will sure dream about my Filipina girl tonight because she wore my balls out in a way that hasn’t happened to me in awhile!

Her petite Filipina teen body, amazing skills and intense desire to have fun drove me insane. I almost fell in love with my Filipina girl Analyn and I’m not ashamed to admit it but I’m here for a reason and it’s not love so..

My shy Filipina girl Maricel puts out

Hi Guys. Remember those shy and quiet girls named Maricel and April that didn’t want to swim with me a few days ago while out street walking? Maricel returned today and I didn’t expect that at all. She decided she would return to try the little photo shoot I wanted to do and I took her by surprise when things got a little kinky. The look on her face was priceless when I’d mention anything naughty. I couldn’t help exploring her Filipina teen body so I just went for it.

Maricel was very inexperienced and had no clue what I was really up to. My shy Filipina girl sure did put out though! She was more into the picture taking but maybe her curiosity of sex got her to succumb to my advances. She did everything I asked though, even if it was step by step haha. She never once said no about anything. Not the best of sexual performances but it’s still just as fun to bang an innocent, unsuspecting Shy Filipina girl anyways!

Maricel’s hairy teen pussy really got me the most excited. So soft and she seemed to really love the way I fondled her wet pussy while getting her undressed. Maybe that’s why she was like putty in my hands? Maybe!

My skinny Filipina girl Zen came back!

Today has been an amazing day for me. Remember the Petite and cute Filipina girl Zen I met on Riverside in Angeles City? My skinny Filipina Girl Zen came back to see me at my hotel now that her “unclean” time is over. I got a great blowjob from her but I wanted to see what else she was good at. I figured that she would not come back as promised but she did! We didn’t waste any time getting down and dirty because this was something we needed to finish that was started a week ago and today was perfect!

There is no better way to end a week than this. She’s a semi-innocent Filipina teen who still needs some skills but by coming to visit me she is well on her way to becoming well educated in sexual abilities! I’m not crazy about fucking her again since these kinds of girls, much like my Filipina girl here, are in abundance everywhere in Angeles City. So much pussy, so little time!

Petite and cute Filipina girl Zen I met Riverside in Angeles City

I went over to an area of Angeles City called Riverside and renter a bike to get there. I met a cute and petite Filipina girl named Zen. She’s just the kind of girl I wanted to meet on this bright and sunny morning! She’s an innocent looking and skinny teen princess that too naive to see why I was inviting her back to my hotel room. Perfect for me.. haha!

Cute petite Filipina girl Zen posed nude in pictures then gave me a nice Filipina blowjob

Picked up this naive, cute and petite Filipina girl named Zen posed for nude pictures and gave me a nice Filipina blowjob afterwards

Once we arrive back at my hotel room I played it smooth and slowly went from taking nude pictures of her petite and cute Filipina girl curves to stuffing my white dick in her mouth. I don’t think she quite seen that coming but she didn’t complain at all! I suppose a white tourist making his way on her was the highlight of her bright and sunny morning as well! Her blow job was satisfactory but that is as far as it went since this daunting cute Filipina girl was on her mens. She made a promise to return when she was ‘clean’ and I hope she keeps that promise.

Carren’s homemade Filipina busty teen masturbation video

Hello friends. Remember my Filipina girl Carren who is a shy inexperienced busty teen with a virgin-like pussy? Well she returned today with my cheap video camera and informed me that she had made a nice homemade solo sex video from her own place. She played with her wet hairy pussy twice and for some reason she even started touching her Filipina pussy with some sort of soup that she had. Strange but exciting! Thanks Carren! Definitely glad to have added her to the black book of my Filipina girls.

My Filipina girl Carren's homemade sex video of a busty Filipina teen masturbating

My Filipina girl Carren brought back this video of her masturbating that hairy wet Filipina pussy that she made. I love watching her busty Filipina teen tits wiggle and the way she fingers her pussy deeply!

I headed out looking for another girl to play with today but couldn’t find any that I was interested in enough to make boom-boom with. There was one good looking girl that I spotted but as soon as she seen my video camera she ran away screaming that she would sue me if her face was ever on Youtube because of it. Wow! If she thinks that would be bad I bet she would lose your mind if she ended up here on my Filipina girls sex diary! Definitely no pictures taken of her today. I do not need that kind of drama and I was already happy with Carren’s surprise to view again tonight!

My Flipina Girls Carren: A shy inexperienced busty teen.

I was out for a walk in the Hensonville neighborhood in Angeles City when I ran into a girl that goes by the name Carren. She was a pretty shy and innocent looking girl with very beautiful eyes that made me quite horny and wanting to explore her tender youthful body. She admitted that she has never fucked a foreigner, let alone a white guy before but even though she has a boyfriend, she wants to try it out with me. I don’t mind one bit if she wants to be one of my Filipina girls when she has a boyfriend already because most of the time they like the white cock better anyways.

Nude picture of shy and busty Filipina teen girl Carren

I picked up this shy and busty inexperienced Filipina teen named Carren in Hensonville. She has a boyfriend and the sex became quite emotional compared to the rest of my Filipina girls. Her hairy pussy was tight like a virgin and she cried! I also sent a cam home with her.

I took some pictures of her in my room (check out a few of them below) and even though it made her even shyer, she admitted that she was loving it anyways. I asked if I could touch her and when it came to fucking my Filipina girl, Carren showed her inexperience and shyness even more. This shy and busty Filipina teen felt like a virgin when I inserted my cock into her hairy Filipina pussy! She even began crying when she finished cumming!

I was excited and worried at the same time. Maybe it’s guilt because she has a boyfriend? She assured me it’s not. She told me that when making boom-boom, she tends to always cry and is an emotion girl. Must be the sense of relief she feels. Some Filipina girls pent up their sexual energy for weeks and when they finally let it out they get extremely emotional and attached. I found it was quite cute, to be honest. When Carren left I lent her my video camera and asked her to make me a little video to have some more “relief” later when back at her house. I hope she does.

Marjorie let me Fuck her after taking photos

Good news! My date with Marjorie after our chat was excellent! She came over to my hotel room after we had a short date and I took some photos of her. Her nice body got me very excited. I think she liked the attention I was giving her because it didn’t take long before we made “boom-boom” right there on my bed! I love this country so much!

Check out this little video clip that I constructed from our encounter. A Filipina girl like Marjorie would surely convince any man that taking a vacation in the Philippines is worth every penny spent! I needed this vacation to change my pace of boredom. Now I am definitely not bored anymore! Now I know why people come and never leave.

I also took some photos from my memory card for you to see. Isn’t she delicious? Mmm. Her nice round butt and pussy felt so tight and wet as she let me fuck her doggiestyle. I was mostly interested in her petite physical size but once she bent over and I realized that this girl is probably 33% ass I knew what I had to do! haha.