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Corazon: My in-real-life sex adventure with a cyber-sex Filipina girl!

Big Tit Filipina Girl Corazan is a Real Life Cyber-Sex Girl

I was chatting with that cyber-sex girl Corazon, the one with nice big boobs, and she agreed to meet me in real life today! She actually showed up, not a moment later, nor a moment earlier. Right on time! She told me that she used to work on webcams professionally as a cybersex Filipina girl but also told me that she still actively works as one now too. You can sometimes never get a straight answer out Filipina girls. They are sometimes scared to tell the truth in fear of shame, regret or just playing the system for what it is. Hat’s off to them, I guess. I don’t mind being played by a counterpart. After-all is said and done, don’t I do the same with these girls to a certain degree?

We went on to get this done like dinner and that’s just how I like it. Fast and to the point. I really loved her nice big boobs. Filipina girls don’t usually have ample bosoms like this so when I do get a pair, I spend special attention to them. Once we started actually fucking, there wasn’t much activity put into it on her part. Some Filipina girls ride like rockets, some just lay there and take it. I wish there was more of a happy medium. Lucky for me, she had lots to feast my eyes on so it was no issue at all. I just think that cyber-sex girls don’t necessarily translate to the real thing as most would think they do.

At the end of the day the experience offered a great blowjob, a good fuck regardless of her miniscule movements and a great dripping raunchy creampie!

Webcam chat with Filipina girl Veregit

I woke up with Angel beside me this morning and when I checked to make sure the camera was well charged, I sprung into action! Angel told me she was done with her foreign boyfriend and hinted that I was next in line for her. Right after she left I took a trike ride to a local Jollibee to grab a bite to eat. There was a sweet Filipina girl there with unbelievable sexy legs that I was thinking about approaching but I was feeling rather lazy all of a sudden so I decided I should just as well take a little ride then head home to log online for a webcam chat with a nice Filipina girl named Veregit. At least my dick can rest this way, haha.

Veregit puts on sexy webcam chat like a good Filipina girl

This Filipina girl Veregit put on a nice stip tease webcam show for me when I got home

I just fucked 3 filipina girls within the last 10 or so hours and my balls felt empty, my muscles sore and my dick getting twitchy. I heard that hensonville has a lot of bargirls living there so I decided to take a little visit just to check the area out a bit more. it’s kind of a slum and it made me feel uncomfortable, even though everyone there seems quite pleasant and accepting of me being there. I didn’t see any bargirls but someone told me they were all sleeping. Of course, makes perfect sense, filipina girls working the bars are up late and need sleep.

Once back at my hotel room I logged on and sure enough, Veregit was there waiting for me in a sexy t-shirt. She was already starting to give me a little show and agreed to meet me real soon. I love this one already. Here I am contemplating bringing my pecker pills with me on my next date because I’m so worn out yet this girl gets me horny as hell and low-and-behold, John Jr awoke! Man I love it here! Just in case, I did decide to slip some in my travel bag to bring to my other hotel room because you never know when a 4 girl day will happen!

Chatted with Marjorie today. Mm. Like her already.

So today, I chatted with another Filipina girl that I met on a Filipina dating site when I was still at home in Europe. She goes by the name of ‘Marjorie’. I am so excited. I asked her to go out with me tomorrow. She agreed! I hope that it goes well and that she likes me in real life as much as she seems to when chatting with her. I have a feeling this sexy girl may be quite naughty. Only time will tell. Until tomorrow!

marjorie on a webcam chat