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May has a homemade Filipina masturbation vid and bad news for me

Today is bitter sweet for me. On the up-hand, Rebecka’s friend May came over to drop the homemade Filipina masturbation video she made with my cheap camcorder that I lend out. She only stayed about 5 minutes and seemed in a rush. I asked her about Rebecka since I had not heard from her in a while. After hesitating she finally told me the bad news that she has a Filipino boyfriend and left it at that. I am quite sad right now. I really wanted her to be my Filipina girlfriend and now I’m guessing she can’t since she has a boyfriend. Typical over here… uhg.

May's homemade amateur filipina masturbation video

The good news is, like I said, May brought me a nice amateur homemade Filipina masturbation video for me to enjoy! I am quite happy with this one. She loves to fondle and finger fuck her wet Filipina pussy, that’s for sure! haha Well since Rebecka is a fall-through I should probably get in touch with My Filipina Girlfriend Anabel and see what’s up? Meh.. naw!!!

Jopay brings me a homemade Filipina masturbation video!

Dear Diary,

Good news! I got the other video camera back from Jopay today. Woot! It’s not as dazzling and hot as Carren’s homemade Filipina masturbation video but it was still quite fun to watch her working that tender body and soft hairy pussy of hers until it was one that was a very frisky and wet pussy to tame through her orgasms!

Homemade filipina masturbation video with my filipina girl Jopay

Here's a snap from the homemade Filipina masturbation video Jopay gave me today.

I can’t understand a word she was saying so again, if anyone can translate for me that would be great! Video is available inside my members area.