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In Cebu!! Chubby Filipina girl Veronica from Circle Park

Dear Diary,

I finally made it to Cebu yesterday and for today I decided to take a walk down to Circle Point. It’s a little park that I was told about online where lots of local lonely Filipina girls like to hang out and meet foreign vacationers like me.

It’s quite close to Mango Square, which is another hot spot for finding Filipina girls in Cebu. It’s usually best to monger for pussy late at night but I wanted to go during the daytime so when I arrive it seemed quite empty. I was about to head back home when I saw a girl sitting by herself to I decided to try my luck with her.

For some reason, the moment I met her, I knew this would work out good. She’s no super-beauty queen or anything but she is still a nice looking lady. I don’t always need stunners to get myself horny for some action. She seemed quite warm-hearted and genuine. Very nice smile. I was starting to get hungry so I invited her out to grab lunch with me. As per usual with most Filipina girls, she suggested Jollibee’s.

I really don’t like that place but for this to work out and make her feel comfortable I agreed to it. She’ll surely be more likely to join me in my room if I take her out some place she likes, right? Sure enough we ended up back at my hotel room shortly afterwards and I got exactly what i expected, a good and horny chubby Filipina girl that loved to fuck!

For being my first girl in Cebu, I have to say she was a good way to get started here! I truly loved how she licked my balls and fucked me in all my favorite positions and took directions like a good girl! Obvious after something like this I had to cum deep inside of her. She went home afterwards but told me I could text her any time that I wanted. Surprisingly, she never even asked me for money. Very odd. I won’t complain!

Lunch date with Anabel at Jollibee

After convincing Anabel to meet up at the SM mall today for a dinner date, I realized not all of these pretty Filipina girls are comfortable with me videotaping and photographing all my encounters with them. She was rather shy about the whole ordeal but she seemed a good sport about it anyways. She definitely looks a lot better in person now than she did on the webcam.

Having lunch on a date with Anabel at Jillibee in SM mall

We were at a place called Jollibee in the picture above. It’s like a Philippine version of what McDonald’s is in Europe. After having a bite to eat we did a little bit of shopping. I figured I would ask her to come join me at my hotel to hang out for a bit but she seemed very uninterested in anything. I actually think that maybe she didn’t much care for me. 🙁