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Weekly Philippine sex vacation video #7

Hello friends,

I stayed in the entire day today to edit videos from the past week and have another weekly highlight of My Filipina Girls & Music. A lot of men have big goals in life but mine is to fuck as much wet Filipina pussy as possible and on my 7th week on my Philippine sex vacation I can say that I am well on my way of reaching my goal in such short time. I ended up having a girl almost every day, two on some days and even lining up some for the future.

It’s been great over here so far and I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon! So far I’ve stuck to just Angeles City and once I get bored here I’ll possibly move on to more locations. There’s pussy everywhere so why not?

6 Weeks of fucking all my Filipina Girls

As per usual I spent my Sunday at home to create a weekly highlight video. This time after 6 weeks of fucking my Filipina girls, I believe I am more than enjoying my time here! Why would anyone even want to go home? haha. Best vacation ever! I am amazed at how much wet Filipina pussy there is to go around let alone how many I’ve personally fucked already. Luckily I have everything on Filipina Sex Diary to keep track of the girls because pussy sometimes blurs into more pussy, seriously.

I even had to turn of my cell today so I could relax and concentrate on this video. It was ringing off the hook and texts flying in all the time. Ridiculous but awesome that I have became so popular already. So many of my Filipina girls are wanting my attention and it does make me feel good but today is my day of rest, so I’ll turn it back on tomorrow. Life is tough over here but I wouldn’t have it any other way, my friends!

Week #5 on my Philippines sex vacation was another success!

Hey guys,

Like all Sundays here in the Philippines thus far, I have spent my time composing sexy highlight videos of my sexual excursions with all my Filipina girls here in Angeles City. Hopefully I’ll soon get to explore further but with so much fresh and available wet Filipina pussy around it’s proving to be beneficial for my dick if I stay put for awhile. They’re everywhere! I almost crave their smell first thing in the morning already and I am getting to have a very good sense of detection when it comes to picking out my next Filipina girl.

The weeks keep getting better and better and since I gain more experience, develop more contacts with different girls and get to know the layout around here, I am realizing more and more just how spot-on I was when saying that the Philippine Islands are truly pussy paradise on planet Earth! Enjoy the 5th weekly installment of My Filipina Girls & Music series.

My Filipina Girls & Music – Ethel giving me an amazing Filipina handjob!

It was quite a lazy day for me today so I started listening to some music. I really love classical music so it was my choice of relaxation for the day. Then I got to thinking about Ethel that I fucked a few weeks ago. She was the first of my Filipina girls to do anal but her sensual, passionate Filipina handjob gave me a nice idea to edit my video of her and mix it with some classical music. So I spent the rest of this afternoon creating my own personal interpretation of my Filipina girl Ethel’s handjob work on my cock! Watching it made me want to text her to come over but I decided to just enjoy my day relaxing instead.