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Petite and cute Filipina girl Zen I met Riverside in Angeles City

I went over to an area of Angeles City called Riverside and renter a bike to get there. I met a cute and petite Filipina girl named Zen. She’s just the kind of girl I wanted to meet on this bright and sunny morning! She’s an innocent looking and skinny teen princess that too naive to see why I was inviting her back to my hotel room. Perfect for me.. haha!

Cute petite Filipina girl Zen posed nude in pictures then gave me a nice Filipina blowjob

Picked up this naive, cute and petite Filipina girl named Zen posed for nude pictures and gave me a nice Filipina blowjob afterwards

Once we arrive back at my hotel room I played it smooth and slowly went from taking nude pictures of her petite and cute Filipina girl curves to stuffing my white dick in her mouth. I don’t think she quite seen that coming but she didn’t complain at all! I suppose a white tourist making his way on her was the highlight of her bright and sunny morning as well! Her blow job was satisfactory but that is as far as it went since this daunting cute Filipina girl was on her mens. She made a promise to return when she was ‘clean’ and I hope she keeps that promise.