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Felicity: Anal sex with a petite Filipina bar girl

Hey guys!!

Remember the pair of bargirls from last week? I had to choose between Carla and Felicity. I ended up choosing Carla, the one with the killer Filipina girl’s ass and I don’t regret any bit of it. It was a great night of bar girl sex for me! I just couldn’t forget Felicity’s puppy-dog sad faces when she saw me leave with Carla that night. Unfortunately, I had lost her cell number. Note to self: always write Filipina girls phone number on the back of my hand from now on! So I texted Carla to see if she would give me her digits. it must be a jealousy thing because she just wouldn’t give it to me. It took a few days of pestering but she finally gave in and sent me her YM handle. Bingo!

I chatted with Felicity earlier today and she was quite happy to hear from me. She told me how she really wanted to come visit me tonight and that she was on her day off. Felicty is a fantastic Filipina girl! She showed up wearing a sexy tiger pattern shirt with only a gold colored t-back on beneath it! She has such an amazing attitude! I hazard to guess that she’s funner when not working! She danced, teased and put on a nice sexy little show for me.

We started to kiss then she turned into a cock sucking maniac! This tart took my cock as deep as she could and gave me a throat-fucking experience that most Filipina girls cannot do! Immediately I knew what that means. It means she is going to fuck the living tar out of me! Another surprise is that unlike most Filipina girls, she let me have anal sex with her! It was so tight and strong in there! I was quite worried the neighbors might complain because Felicity was screaming so damn hard.

Before Felicity left, she informed me that she plans on returning to see me again really soon. Some day after work, tomorrow or maybe the day after. She made sure I understood that it would happen very soon. Who says you can’t have good friendships with Filipina bar girls? I hope she comes as soon as possible. I’m already lucky as fuck as it stands being able to fuck such a quality Filipina girl without even having to pay her barfine.

Angela: Busty webcam Filipina girl with great big tits and ass

Hot dog, hot dog, hot digidy dog! Angela finally came over to see me today! I’ve been chatting off and on with her for around a month now. She used to only show me her nice big tits but she finally let me see her face last week for the first time. She looks so beautiful and I had to invite her over to play. Today is that day! She’s as beautiful in real life as she was online and was sporting a very beautiful dress. Her big tits are perfect, her face is angelic and her body… wow. Divine! She had these cool little diamond objects on her teeth! We took a few nice pictures and it surprised me how she was being a bit shy.

I showed her my dick, she blushed. hrm, possibly inexperienced? It was quite cute seeing a Filipina girl of her caliber being shy like this. She knew why she was here and we went onto touching each other, kissing then the best part, fucking! She was really good actually! It was mesmerizing to say the least! I always loved it when Filipina girls scream while screwing, it makes me think of Kikai. I got a few more nice shots of her big tits bouncing up and down and also of me slapping her thick Filipina ass. This is definitely going to be a good hardcore sex video for my Filipina girl diary collection.

I gave her my cheap camcorder to take home with her when we were done and she promised to return with it near the end of this week. Hopefully she has some nice homemade Filipina video on it for me before China decides to attack is all over here on the Philippine Islands. I only say that half-jokingly!

I fucked My cute redhead Filipina girl from yesterday!

Hello my friends! I ended up meeting my cute Filipina girl that was texting in the lobby yesterday within minutes of waking up today!!

I woke up, stretched, scratched my white balls and took a peak out the window to see what’s lurking down at the pool. To my surprise it’s the same cute Filipina girl I saw texting yesterday! I took right off downstairs with my video camera still rolling and went to talk to her. Eventually she told me she was on a vacation with her parents and that they were all staying in my hotel! Jackpot!!!! She’s freshly 18 so that means I have to work my charm to see if I can fuck this cute Filipina teen ASAP!

While chatting with her I took pictures of her at poolside and sensed she may be into more so I asked her to join me back at my room. I could tell she was bored as hell sitting there texting so I figured she’d be up for some excitement.

There’s something very exciting about Analyn. I just could not put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the fact that her family is only a floor under me and I have a big chance of some secret sex with a fun 18year old Filipina teen trying to dull the pain of a boring holiday. If she only knew how my Philippine vacation was nowhere near boring at all! haha

This is one cute redheaded Filipina girl that fucked like a wild animal!! Wow! She literally begged and was screaming to fuck her hairy Filipina pussy deeper, harder and deeper still! I was giving her all I got and I swear she wanted more! This is one Filipina teen that unleashed a hardcore sex experience like no other after playing around with so many pretend Filipina virgins! I will sure dream about my Filipina girl tonight because she wore my balls out in a way that hasn’t happened to me in awhile!

Her petite Filipina teen body, amazing skills and intense desire to have fun drove me insane. I almost fell in love with my Filipina girl Analyn and I’m not ashamed to admit it but I’m here for a reason and it’s not love so..

Soft and Hairy Filipina girl named Kikai Fucked

Oh wee! She’s a pretty one! After initially going out for dinner and running into this joyful Filipina girl (which was an amazing stroke of luck) she agreed to come hang out back at my hotel room for some photos. It actually surprised me at how willing Kikai was to allow me ample reach under her shirt, in her pants and all over her petite perfumed body once she got completely naked.

Check out a little clip I put together from various video footage taken during my hot time with Kikai. If all the Filipina girls are going to be like her I am quite sure I will love this place more than I already do! Incidentally, sh is my first in the Philippines. Good way to start my vacation isn’t it?

I think my favorite thing about cute Kikai was her soft and hairy Filipina girl pussy. She keeps it well trimmed and proper. Smells like strawberries 🙂 Mm. Delicious too! Maybe it was all that pent-up sexual energy trapped inside me for such a long time but I fucked her too hard. Well, maybe not ‘too’ hard. After-all, she did love it so much that she was screaming, swearing and cuming all over me!