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Visited the lively Panpan morning market today

I woke up at what I like to call “bird time”. That’s 5am and it’s quite early. Some people were still crawling home from their barhopping adventures by the time I was heading out to visit the Panpan morning market. It’s a place where you’ll usually only find local Filipino folk here because of how early it is. I really enjoyed all the produce and booth that were there. It’s a very lively place to shop, have breakfast and just take it easy.

I immediately went back to bed once I got home and decided to do some barhopping myself on Fields Ave around 10pm. I even brought home a Filipina barfine but she would not let me film or photograph her at all! That’s ok because you are not missing much anyways. I’m going back to bed now that she’s gone and I enjoyed my touristy pictures from the morning market. I uploaded some here for you to see as well.

Double Fuck: Random encounter at airport

Hey friends! I got two pieces of good news! First, I spent this morning chatting with Anabel again and much to my surprise, she said she would like to meet me again! Maybe I was wrong, maybe she does like me afterall? I will keep you updated.

Secondly.. This afternoon I decided to visit Clark to take in some touristy, which some of you may know is a former US Air Force base. So they have a pretty cool airport with duty-free shopping. Which is why I figured I’d check it out.

I got something but it’s not something I can wrap in a bag and take home as a souvenir. I met a very cute and totally crazy Filipina girl with a nice smile named Shiela. Don’t ask me how we ended up having sex outside and in an abandoned ruin of a building but it was a thrill I will never forget! We came back to my hotel room to hang out some more and ended up going at each other again for a second fuck!

Here is a clip of some fun times I had with this girl. I bet you’d do the same in my position. Beautiful Filipina girls everywhere, the smell in the air and the willingness to have sex. Mm. I stood no chance and would never say ‘no’ to that!

If I didn’t post videos, nobody would believe my luck! So to all my friends back home.. see?? I told you this place was great!

This girl is so horny! Is it true when they say that some Filipina girls revere white men as a sexual prize? I’m starting to think people may be on to something here. Honestly, I see these girls as being a prize but the way she treated me.. well.. maybe I actually am her prize that she runs to all her friends to brag about. haha. All I can say is wow.. the third Filipina girl fucked and I already can’t wait to meet more!